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[72 Stat. 14]
[72 Stat. 14]
PUBLIC LAW 85-000—MMMM. DD, 1958


PUBLIC LAW 85-326-FEB. 12, 1958



effective date of this Act, the Secretary of Defense or his designee is further authorized to engage in such advanced space projects as may be designated by the President. Nothing in this provision of law shall preclude the Secretary of Defense from assigning to the military departments the duty of engaging in research and development of Aveapons systems necessary to fulfill the combatant functions assigned by law to such military departments. The Secretary or his designee is authorized to perform assigned research and development projects: by contract with private busmess entities, educational or research institutions, or other agencies of the Government, through one or more of the military departments, or by utilizing employees and consultants of the Department of Defense. The Secretary of Defense shall assign any weapons systems developed to such military department or departments for production and operational control as he may determine. Approved February 12, 1958. Public Law 85-326 February 12, 1958 [S. 14081

Transportation allowances, trailers. 60 Stat. 806. 5 USC 73b-1.

AN ACT To provide allowances for transportation of house trailers to civilian employees of the United States who are transferred from one official station to another. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 1(b) of the Act entitled "An Act to authorize certain administrative expenses in the Government service, and for other purposes", approved August 2, 1946, as amended, is amended by adding at the end thereof the following: "Under such regulations as the President may prescribe, any civilian officer or employee who transports a house trailer or mobile dwelling within the continental United States, within Alaska, or between the continental United States and Alaska, for use as a residence and who would otherwise be entitled to transportation of household goods and personal effects under subsection (a) shall be entitled to a reasonable allowance, not to exceed 20 cents per mile, in lieu of such transportation." Approved February 12, 1958.

Public Law 85-327 February 15, 1958 [H. iC. 3770]

John R e d m o n d Dam and R e s e rvoir, Kans.

AN ACT To rename the Strawn Dam and Reservoir project in the State of Kansas as the.John Redmond Dam and Reservoir. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of Ame?'ica. in Congress assembled, That the Strawn Dam and Reservoir project on the Neosho River near Burlington, Kansas, shall be known and designated as the John Redmond Dam and Reservoir. Any law, regulation, document, or record of the United States in which such dam and reservoir is referred to under any other name or designation shall be held to refer to such dam and reservoir as John Redmond Dam and Reservoir. Approved February 15, 1958.