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[72 Stat. 28]
[72 Stat. 28]
PUBLIC LAW 85-000—MMMM. DD, 1958


PUBLIC LAW 85-337-FEB. 28, 1958

[72 S T A T.

the Territory of Alaska reserved for use of the military departments prior to the enactment of the Outer Continental Shelf not/. "®^ ^^^^ LandsAct (67 Stat. 462); and (4) nothing in sections 1, 2, or 3 of this Act shall be deemed to be applicable either to those reservations or withdrawals which expired due to the ending of the unlimited national emergency of May 27, 1941, and which subsequent to such expiration have beeii and are now used by the military departments with the concurrence of the Department of the Interior, or to the withdrawal of public domain lands of the Marine Corps Training Center, Twentynine Palms, California, and the naval gunnery ranges in the State of Nevada designated as Basic Black Rock and Basic Sahwave Mountain. Restrictions. SEC. 2. No public land, water, or land and water area shall, except by Act of Congress, hereafter be (1) withdrawn from settlement, location, sale, or entry for the use of the Department of Defense for defense purposes; (2) reserved for such use; or (3) restricted from operation of the mineral leasing provisions of the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (67 Stat. 462), if such withdrawal, reservation, or restriction would result in the withdrawal, reservation, or restriction of more than five thousand acres in the aggregate for any one defense project or facility of the Department of Defense since the date of enactment of this Act or since the last previous Act of Congress which withdrew, reserved, or restricted public land, water, or land and water area for that project or facility, whichever is later. Application SEC. 3. Any application hereafter filed for a withdrawal, reservaspecifications. tion, or restriction, the approval of which will, under section 2 of this Act, require an Act of Congress, shall specify— (1) the name of the requesting agency and intended using agency; (2) location of the area involved, to include a detailed description of the exterior boundaries and excepted areas, if any, within such proposed withdrawal, reservation, or restriction; (3) gross land and water acreage within the exterior boundaries of the requested withdrawal, reservation, or restriction, and net public land, water, or public land and water acreage covered by the application; (4) the purpose or purposes for which the area is proposed to be withdrawn, reserved, or restricted, or if the purpose or purposes are classified for national security reasons, a statement to that effect; (5) whether the proposed use will result in contamination of any or all of the requested withdrawal, reservation, or restriction area, and if so, whether such contamination will be permanent or temporary; (6) the period during which the proposed withdrawal, reservation, or restriction will continue in effect; (7) whether, and if so to what extent, the proposed use will affect continuing full operation of the public land laws and Federal regulations relating to conservation, utilization, and development of mineral resources, timber and other material resources, grazing resources, fish and wildlife resources, water resources, and scenic, wilderness, and recreation and other values; and (8) if effecting the purpose for which the area is proposed to be withdrawn, reserved, or restricted, will involve the use of water in any State, whether, subject to existing rights under law, the intended using agency has acquired, or proposes to acquire, rights to the use thereof in conformity with State laws and procedures relating to the control, appropriation, use, and distribution of water.