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[72 Stat. 33]
[72 Stat. 33]
PUBLIC LAW 85-000—MMMM. DD, 1958

72 S T A T. ]

(d) As soon as a proposed unit development and acquisition planning report is found by the Secretary to comply with the provisions of this Act and with such regulations as the Secretary may prescribe as to the contents thereof, the Secretary is hereby authorized and directed to negotiate a contract of sale with the Commission and to prepare appropriate conveyancing instruments for the lands involved. Thereafter, the Secretary shall submit to the Congress, for reference to the appropriate committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate, copies of the Commission application, proposed unit development and acquisition planning report, and proposed contract of sale and conveyancing instruments, together with his comments and recommendations, if any. (e) No contract of sale or instrument of conveyance shall be executed by the Secretary with respect to any lands applied for by the Commission prior to sixty calendar days (which sixty days, however, shall not include days on which either the House of Representatives or the Senate is not in session because of an adjournment of more than three calendar days to a day certain) from the day on which the Secretary makes the submissions required by the preceding subsection, unless the Congress, prior to the expiration of said sixty days, approves the execution of such contract of sale and instrument of conveyance. SEC. 5. The conveyance or conveyances authorized by this Act shall be made subject to any existing valid rights pertaining to the lands included within the transfer area. SEC. 6. If the State selects and purchases under this Act any lands which are subject on the date the purchase by the State becomes effective to a lease, permit, license, or contract issued under the Mineral Leasing Act of February 25, 1920 (41 Stat. 437), as amended (39 U.S.C. 181 and the following), the State shall be required to purchase all the lands subject to that lease, permit, license, or contract which are included within the boundaries of the transfer area. The purchase of lands subject to a lease, permit, license, or contract shall neither affect the validity nor modify the terms of the lease, permit, license, or contract in any way, or affect any rights thereunder, except that the State shall assume the position of the United States thereunder, including any right to rental,' royalties, and other payments accruing on or after the date on which the purchase by the State becomes effective, and any right to modify the terms or conditions of such leases, permits, licenses, or contracts. SEC. 7. The Secretary is hereby authorized to perform any and all acts and to make such rules and regulations as may be necessary or proper in carrying out the provisions of this Act. H e shall give particular attention in so doing to including in any conveyancing instruments executed under the authority of this Act such provisions as will in his judgment protect existing or future uses by the United States of lands within the transfer area, including, but not limited to, provision for reversion of title therein to the United States upon failure of the State or its successors in interest to strictly comply with the terms and conditions of any such conveyancing instrument: Provided, That the Secretary, after consultation with the Commission, shall determine the amount and location of all lands within the transfer area which may be required for future use by the United States, and he shall have until the filing by the Commission of the proposed plan of development provided by section 4(a), to define and describe all such lands. Approved March 6, 1958. 98395-59-PT. 1-3


PUBLIC LAW 85-339-MAR. 6, 1958

Contract of s a l e.

Report to Congress.


L e a s e s, peitnits, etc.

30 USC aeq.



Rules and reg«> lations, etc.