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[74 Stat. 1044]
[74 Stat. 1044]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


PUBLIC LAW 86-794-SEPT. 15, 1960

[74 S T A T.

obtain the approval of the Interstate Commerce Commission, the Public Service Commission of Maryland, or the State Corporation Commission of Virginia. "Consolidations, Mergers, and Acquisition of Control "12. (a) I t shall be unlawful, without approval of the Commission in accordance with this section— "(1) for two or more carriers, any one of which operates in the Metropolitan District, to consolidate or merge their properties or franchises, or any part thereof, into one person for the ownership, management, or operation of properties theretofore under separate ownership, management, or operation; or "(2) for any carrier which operates in the Metropolitan District or any person controlling, controlled by, or under common control with, such a carrier (i) to purchase, lease, or contract to operate the properties, or any substantial part thereof, of any carrier which operates in such Metropolitan District, or (ii) to acquire control, through ownership of its stock or otherwise, of any carrier which operates in such Metropolitan District. "(b) Any person seeking approval of any transaction to which subsection (a] applies shall make application to the Commission in accordance with such regulations as the Commission shall prescrib3. If, after hearing held upon reasonable notice, the Commission finds that, subject to such terms, conditions, and modifications as it shall find to be necessary, the proposed transaction is consistent with the public interest, it shall enter an appropriate order approving and authorizing such transaction as so conditioned. "(c) I t shall be unlawful to continue to maintain or exercise any ownership, management, operation or control accomplished or effectuated in violation of subsection (a) of this section. " (d) Pending the determination of an application filed with the Commission for approval of a consolidation or merger of the properties of two or more motor carriers, or of a purchase, lease, or contract to operate the properties of one or more motor carriers, the Commission may, in its discretion, and without hearings or other proceedings, grant temporary approval, for a period not exceeding 180 days of the operation of the motor carrier properties sought to be acquired by the person proposing in such pending application to acquire such properties, if it shall appear that failure to grant such temporary approval may result in destruction of or injury to such motor carrier properties sought to be acquired, or to interfere substantially with their future usefulness in the performance of adequate and continuous service to the public. Complaints and Investigations by the Commission "13. (a) Any person may file with the Commission a complaint in writing with respect to anything done or omitted to be done by any person in contravention of any provision of this Act, or of any requirement established pursuant thereto. If the person complained against shall not satisfy the copiplaint and there shall appear to be any reasonable grounds for an investigation, the Commission shall investigate the matters complained of. Whenever the Commission is of the opinion that any complaint does not state facts which warrant action on its part, it may dismiss the complaint without hearing. A t least ten (10) days before the date it sets a time and place for a hearing on a complaint, the Commission shall notify the person complained of that the complaint has been made.