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[74 Stat. 102]
[74 Stat. 102]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, Federal. Page Foreign Currencies—Continued Page See Federal Food, Drug, and CosUse of—Continued E x p o r t - I m p o r t Bank of Washington, metic Act. funds available under Agricul"Food", 1959 Yearbook of Agriculture, tural Trade Development and reprinting 241 Assistance Act of 1954 781 Food Additives Amendment of 1958, Family housing at military installamendment, judicial review of adtions 186 ministrative determinations and orFederal agencies, restriction 478 ders, records of proceedings 255 Health research and training activiFood and Drug Administration: ties 366-368 Appropriation for 760, 824 Loans to small farmers, m u t u a l seColor Additive Amendments of I 9 6 0 - - 397 curity 138 Narcotic drugs and opiates, advisory Monuments in U p p e r Nile, preservacommittee on, appointment of tion of 139 members 59 World War II loans, evaluation in dolPesticides, appropriation for establishlars by State Department, a u t h o r i m e n t of tolerances 760 zation 478 Pharmacological-animal laboratory Foreign Quarantine Activities, appropriabuilding, appropriation for plans, tion for 766 etc 760 Foreign Service: Foot-and-Mouth Disease, Prevention and Administrative Expenses Act of 1946, Eradication: amendments 327, 796, 797 Appropriation for 233 Annual and Sick Leave Act of 1951, Reporting requirements to Congress amendment, maximum accumudiscontinued 249 lated annual leave provisions, cerFord City, Pa., settlement of claim for tain additional overseas employees damage to its sewer system 252 included under 799 Foreign Agricultural Service, appropriaAnnuities, disability, certain tax exemption for 238, 821 tion 847,848 Foreign Claims Settlement Commission: Automobiles, replacement, cost limitappropriation for 476, 825 tion 555 War claims fund, use of 476 Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949, Foreign Commerce, Bureau of, appropriamendments 795, 796, 798, 800, 801 tion for 95, 822 Emergency expenses in Diplomatic and Foreign Currencies: Consular Service, appropriation Agricultural Trade Development and for 51,556 Assistance Act of 1954. See sepaForeign Service Act of 1946. See rate title. separate title. Purchase— Household and personal effects, p a y Agriculture Department, funds availm e n t of certain transportation and able for 233, 238 storage costs 561, 568 Education, Office of, funds available- _ 762 Overseas Differentials and Allowances National Science Foundation 437 Act 792 President of the United States, funds Reinstated oflScers, applicability under appropriated for 821 the Foreign Service Act of 1946 — 848 Representation allowances, appropriaPublic Health Service 768 tion for 556 State Department, funds available Reserve officers, appointments under for 555,556,560 m u t u a l security program 139 United States Information Agency- 568, 569 Retirement and disability fund, a p Vocational Rehabilitation, Office of._763 propriation for 556 Sale of surplus agricultural commodities Retirement annuities, increase 371 for— Staff officers, appointment of certain as Commodity Credit Corporation, rereserve officers, temporary retention imbursement of 242 of services under 848 M u t u a l security program, earmarking United Nations Participation Act of of funds, extension 136 1945, amendment, operation and Use of— maintenance of official residences Congressional committees, m u t u a l sefor certain employees overseas 797 curity programs, reports 138, 460