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[74 Stat. 113]
[74 Stat. 113]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Page Infections Disease Activities, appropria- Page Interior, Department of the—Continued Coal Research, Office of—Continued tion for 768 Reports to Congress and the PresiInformation Agency, United States. See dent 337 United States Information Agency. Inland Waterways Corporation, appropriaCommercial Fisheries, Bureau of, approtion for 97 priation for 48, 111, 829 Desert land laws, extension of time for Insect Pest Control, appropriation for__ 232, 233 final proof of development under. _ 257 Insurance: Emergency reconstruction, etc., approFederal Deposit Insurance Act, See priation for 113 separate title. Fire prevention or suppression, approFederal Savings and Loan Insurance priation for 109, 114, 750 Corporation, administrative expenses, funds available for; limitaFish and Wildlife Service. See separate tion 442 title. Fishing vessels— Federal ship mortgage insurance for Construction subsidies authorized 212 floating drydocks 733 Federal ship mortgage insurance, Fire and casualty insurance regulations, transfer of functions 314 D.C., additional companies under. 222 General provisions, Appropriation Acts. 113, Life insurance companies, D.C.— 119, 750 Group coverage 315 Geological Survey— Issuing variable contracts, requireAppropriation for 108, 828 ment for establishment of sepaUnderground water resources, purrate accounts 218 chase of lands for observation Stocks, securities, real estate holdings, wells 14 etc., regulations 863 Helium— Use of modern mortality tables; Acquisition by Departments of Army, three-year setback rate for Navy, and Air Force, transfer of females; etc 227 funds to 109 Mutual companies, excise tax extension. 290 Conservation; production, distribuNaval aviation students, death benefits tion, and storage programs; regranted 162 port to Congress 918, 923 Veterans, waiver of premiums for cerIndians. See separate title. tain totally disabled 164 Land conveyances— Inter-American Children's Institute, apArkansas Post National Memorial, propriation authorized for United Ark 333 States participation 3 Bent's Old Fort on Old Santa Fe Inter-American Cooperation, appropriaTrail, Colo 155 tion for 341,343 Bismarck, N. Dak 902 Intergovernmental Committee for EuroCastillo de San Marcos National pean Migration, appropriation for 776 Monument, Fla 317 Intergovernmental Relations, Advisory Cheyenne, Wyo A61 Commission on, appropriation for. _ 475, 825 Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian Tribes, Interior, Department of the: Okla 1029 Alaska. See separate title. Colorado River Commission, Nev 74 Appropriation Act 104 Colorado River Indian Reservation, Appropriation for 47, 104, 512, 746, 827 Ariz 199 Archeological and historical data, presCoronado National Memorial, Ariz__ 737 ervation; surveys 220 Crawford, Nebr 410 Bonneville Power Administration, apDewey County, S. Dak 319 propriation for 47, 749 El Reno Reformatory, Okla 1029 Claims, payment for certain lands conEverglades National Park, Fla 577 veyed as basis for lieu selections Fort Donelson National Battlefield, from the public domain, certificaTenn 875 tion of 334 Harpers Ferry National Monument, Coal Research, Ofl^ice of— W. Va 520 Advisory Committee, appointment. _ 336 Metropolitan Water District of Salt; Appropriation for 827 Lake City, Utah 15 Director, appointment 336 Mineral County, Nev 880 Establishment 336