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[74 Stat. 138]
[74 Stat. 138]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Senate—Continued Page Senate—Continued Pas* Armed Services Committee, reports to — Neuberger, Richard L., payment to Continued widow of 49 Army, Department of the — Office buildings— Public works, construction costs 169 Extension, property acquisition, a p Reserve officers, appointment 265 propriation for 456 Civil and Defense Mobilization, Office Maintenance, operation, etc., appropriation for 50, 456 of, real property transactions 187 Marine Corps, reserve officers, a p Official reporters of debates, appropriapointments 274 tion for 447 Military d e part m e n t s, real property Pages, education of, appropriation for._ 454 transactions 186 Parliamentarian of the Senate, salary Navy, Department of the — increase 303 Public works, construction costs-. 174 Policy Committees, appropriation for._ 448 Postage stamps, appropriation for 449 Reserve officers, appointments 274 Automobiles, appropriation for 448 President of the Senate— Capitol Police. See separate title. Appointments by — Chaplain, appropriation for 446 I n a u g u r a t i o n of President-elect and Vice President-elect, joint comChief Clerk, salary increase 304 mittee on arrangements B5 Committee employees, appropriation for 447 Committee witnesses, restriction on adJ a m e s Madison Memorial Commisvance payments to 449 sion, members 37 Mexico-United States InterparliaCommunications, appropriation for 449 m e n t a r y Group, members 40 Conference committees, appropriation New Jersey Tercentenary Celebrafor 447 tion Commission, members 731 Contingent expenses, appropriation for_ 50, United States Citizens Commission 53, 447, 513 on N A TO 818 Elected officers, salary increase for cerUnited States Constitution One tain 303 Hundred and Seventy-fifth Employees compensation 53, 449 Anniversary Commission, Foreign Relations, Committee on— Latin American economic aid, report members 508 Compensation and mileage for, a p by State Department 870 propriation for 446 Participants in interparliamentary Report to, military d e part m e n t s, congroups, reports of expendit r a c t s awarded 184 tures 460, 461 Signing of enrolled bills after adjournF u r n i t u r e, appropriation for 448 ment BlO, B 1 2 Inquiries and investigations, approprilinited States Constitution One H u n ation for 50, 448 dred and Seventy-fifth AnniI n t e r p a r l i a m e n t a r y groups, reports of versary Commission, membership 508 expenditures of participating memR e s t a u r a n t s, appropriation for 448 bers and employees 460 Salaries, officers and employees, a p Joint committees, congressional. See propriation for 446 separate title. Langer, William, payment to daughters Secretary of the Senate— Office of the, appropriation for 50, 446 of 49 Statement s, publication as Senate Legislative Counsel, Office of— documents 461 Appropriation for 447 Sergeant at Arms, Office of, appropriaLegislative Counsel and Senior Countion for 447 sel, salary increase 304 Small Business, Select Committee on, Majority and Minority, Offices of appropriation for 447 Secretaries for, appropriation for. 447 Travel or subsistence funds, restriction Majority and minority leaders, approon use 461 priation for expense allowance 446 United States Constitution One H u n Majority and Minority Whips, approdred and Seventy-fifth Anniversary priation for Offices of 447 Commission, three members 508 Members— Vice President of the United States, a p Compensation and mileage, appropripropriation for compensation, exation for 446 pense allowance, etc 446 Retirement benefits 358, 410