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[74 Stat. 542]
[74 Stat. 542]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


PUBLIC LAW 86-669-JULY 14, 1960

[74 S T A T.

or otherwise) or construct transit facilities, property, and rightsof-way for the transportation of persons within the National Capital region. Such facilities, property, and rights-of-way may include those enumerated under section 204(a) or any other necessary transit facilities, property, or rights-of-way relating to transportation of persons. The Agency may contribute funds for the acquisition of rights-of-way for, and the construction of limited amounts of freeway, parkway, and other arterial highway facilities, including construction incidental to the use and protection of such rights-of-way for transit facilities, to the government agencies having jurisdiction thereof if, in the opinion of the Agency, such contributions are necessary to the fulfillment of the objectives of this Act; (2) may operate all facilities acquired or constructed by it, or may enter into agreements with government agencies, private transit companies, railroads, or other persons for the operation of its facilities, the use of its operating rights, or the provision of transit services making use of other facilities and operating rights: Provided, That the Agency shall not operate any transit facilities, or provide by agreement for the operation of transit facilities, until the Congress shall establish for the Agency a labor relations policy, defining labor's right to organize, to bargain collectively, to arbitrate disputes, and to safeguard job rights: Provided further, That the Agency shall not acquire the facilities, property, or rights-of-way of private motorbus companies and persons; or operate buses or similar motor vehicles or make agreements for the provision of motorbus services competitive with private transit companies; but may make agreements for the provision of service which is not competitive with services of private transit companies and persons; (3) shall encourage private transit companies to provide needed services in a manner consistent with the Transit Development Program; (4) may lesise space or property owned or acquired by the Agency, or may contract with persons for the purpose of constructing and operating facilities, which, in the opinion of the Agency, will encourage or facilitate the use of transit facilities of the Agency. Eentals or other fiscal arrangements in connection with such leases or contracts shall be adjusted so that undue competitive advantage is not given over other persons in the National Capital region: Provided, That in the operation of such facilities, the lessee or franchise holder shall comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local building and zoning laws, ordinances, and regulations; (5) may enter into and perform contracts, leases, and agreements, and other transactions with any government agency, private transit company, railroad, or other persons; (6) may sell or lease advertising space or may contract with responsible persons for the sale or Tease of such space: Provided, That the lessee or contractee shall comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local zoning and advertising laws, ordinances, and regulations; (7) shall cooperate with government agencies to facilitate coordination of location, design, and construction of freeways, parkways, and other arterial highway facilities with the Transit Development Program. The purpose of such coordination is to assure the comprehensive development of transportation facilities best suited to meet the objectives of this Act and to achieve maximum benefits from moneys available for such purposes. The re-