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[74 Stat. 596]
[74 Stat. 596]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


PUBLIC LAW 86-682-SEPT. 2, 1960

[74 S T A T.

§ 2207. Administrative accounting (a) The Postmaster General shall perform all functions relating to the Department with respect to— (1) the maintenance of administrative appropriation and fund accounts; (2) accounts receivable and payable; (3) allotment controls; (4) the preparation of financial and statistical reports; (5) the preaudit of expenses; and (6) related administrative, accounting, and reporting functions. (b) The Postmaster General shall provide for such preaudit of expenses as he deems necessary. § 2208. System of accounting and control (a) The Postmaster General shall establish and maintain a system of accounting conforming to accounting principles and standards prescribed by the Comptroller General, and a system of internal control providing for— (1) adequate accounting and internal control, including appropriate provisions for internal audit over and accountability for all funds, property and other assets for which the Department is responsible; (2) assembling of financial information needed for management purposes; and (3) full disclosure of the financial results of the operations of the Department. (b) Officers and employees of the Department shall render accounts required by the Postmaster General in such form and with such certificate as he prescribes. (c) The Comptroller General shall cooperate with the Postmaster General in the establishment of the accounting system provided for by subsection (a) of this section and shall approve the system when he deems it to be in conformity with the accounting principles and standards prescribed by him under such subsection. § 2209. Responsibility of postmasters (a) A postmaster is responsible for— (1) the due performance of the duties including the collection of the revenue of the post office; and (2) the safekeeping of all monies, accountable paper, and other property of the post office, or coming into the custody of the office. (b) Postmasters shall keep all money collected at a post office, or which may come into the custody of a post office, without— (1) loaning; (2) using J (3) depositing in an unauthorized bank; or (4) exchanging for other funds; until it is required, by order or regulation of the Postmaster General, to be transferred or paid out. (c) A postmaster at an office in a city or town where there is no designated depository may make temporary deposits of money in his custody, in a national bank or State bank— (1) in the State where the postmaster resides; or (2) in the State in which the post office is located; or (3) within a reasonable radius of his post office in an adjacent State.