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[74 Stat. 27]
[74 Stat. 27]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



PUBLIC LAW 86-412-APR. 8, 1960


27 TEArnc

For construction projects as authorized by the Act of May 18, 1954 D. C.Code 7-132. (68 Stat. 110), and the Act of June 6, 1958 (72 Stat. 183), including D. C. Code 9-220. expenses necessary for the grading, surfacing, paving, repaying, widening, altering, purchase and installation of traffic lights, and otherwise improving streets, avenues, roads, and alleys, including curbing and gutters, directional and pedestrian islands at various intersections to permit proper traffic light control and channelization of traffic, drainage structures, culverts, suitable connections to storm water sewer system, retaining walls, replacement and relocation of sewers, water mains, fire hydrants, traffic lights, street lights, firealarm boxes, police-patrol boxes, and curb-line trees, when necessary. Federal-aid highway projects under section 1(b) of the Federal Aid g^72 Stat. 885,888, Highway Act of 1938, and highway structure projects financed wholly 23 USC loi(a), from the highway fund upon the approval of plans for such structures ^°3(b). by the Commissioners; for carrying out the provisions of existing laws which authorize the Commissioners to open, extend, straighten, or widen streets, avenues, roads, or highways in accordance with the plan of the permanent system of highways for the District of Columbia, and alleys and minor streets, and for the establishment of building lines in the District of Columbia, including the procurement of chains of title; and for assessment and permit work, paving of roadways under the permit system, and construction of sidewalks and curbs around public reservations and municipal and United States buildings, including purchase or condemnation of streets, roads, and alleys, and of areas less than two hundred and fifty feet square at the intersection of streets, avenues, or roads in the District of Columbia, to be selected by the Commissioners; placing underground, relocating, and extending the telephone, police-patrol and fire-alarm cable and circuit distribution systems; installing and extending radio systems; and purchase of lampposts, street designations, and fixtures of all kinds; to remain available until expended, $13,100,000, of which $12,493,000 shall be payable from the highway fund: Provided, That the Commissioners are hereby authorized to purchase and install a municipal asphalt plant on Districtowned property including all auxiliary plant equipment and preparation of site, construction of seawalls, dock facilities, and a railroad siding to be paid for from this appropriation: Provided further, That this appropriation and the appropriation "Operating expenses. Department of Highways and Traffic" shall be available for the employment of engineering or other professional services by contract or otherwise, and without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes and the civil-service and classifi- ^^ '^^^ ^• cation laws, and section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 55a), ^o Stat. s 10. and for engineering and incidental expenses: Provided further, That appropriations for the Department of Highways and Traffic of the District of Columbia shall be available for the construction and repair of pavements of street railways, in accordance with the provisions of the Merger Act (47 Stat. 752), and the proportion of the amount thus no?e.*^'^"'^ ^'^°'* expended which under the terms of the said Act is required to be paid by the street-railway company shall be collected, upon the neglect or the refusal of such street-railway company to make such payment, from the said street-railway company in the manner provided by section 5 of the Act of June 11, 1878, and shall be deposited to the 20 Stat. 105. credit of the highway fund: Provided further, That in connection with projects to be undertaken as Federal-aid projects under the provisions of the Federal Aid Highway Act of December 20, 1944, as amended, 72 Stat. 919. the Commissioners are authorized to enter into contract or contracts for those projects in such amounts as shall be approved by the Bureau