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[74 Stat. 670]
[74 Stat. 670]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

PUBLIC LAW 86-682-SEPT. 2, 1960



§ 4360. Minimum postage The following are the minimum rates for each individually addressed copy of second class mail: SECOND CLASS MINIMUM RATES [In cents] Mailed during calendar year 1959 For delivery within county of publication except when mailed free under sec. 4358(a) of this title.-. --. For delivery beyond county of publication: Classroom and nonprofit organization publication other publications..-

Mailed dur- Mailed after ing calendar Dec. 31, 1960 year 1960


§ 4361. Rates for proofs of advertisements The publisher may mail single sheets or portions thereof from any publication entered as second class mail, to an advertiser or his agent as proof of the insertion of an advertisement, at the zone rates of postage applicable to the advertising portions of second class mail under section 485U of this title. § 4362. Transient postage rate The rate of postage on copies of publications having second class entry mailed— (1) by persons other than the publishers or registered news agents; (2) as sample copies by the publishers in excess of the 10 per centum permitted to be mailed at the pound rates; and (3) copies mailed by the publishers to persons who may not be included in the required legitimate list of subscribers; is two cents for the first two ounces and one cent for each additional ounce or fraction thereof. When postage at the rates prescribed for fourth class mail is lower, the latter applies. The rates are computed on each individually addressed copy or package of unaddressed copies. § 4363. Separation by mailer of second class mail The Postmaster General may require publishers and news agents to separate and make up to zones, in such manner as he directs, second class mail offered for mailing. § 4364. Information to be furnished by mailer With the first mailing of each issue of a publication mailed as second class mail, the publisher shall file a copy of the issue together with a statement containing such information as the Postmaster General prescribes for determining the postage to be paid. § 4365. Permissible marks and enclosures (a) Second class mail may contain no writing, print, or sign thereon or therein, in addition to the original print except— (1) the name and address of the person to whom the mail is sent and directions for transmission, delivery, forwarding or return; (2) index figures of subscription book either printed or written; (3) the printed title of the publication and the place of its publication; (4) the printed or written name and address without addition of advertisement of the publisher or sender, or both; (5) written or printed words or figures, or both, indicating the date on which the subscription to the matter will end; ( 6) the correction of typographical errors;