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[75 Stat. 1170]
[75 Stat. 1170]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Agricultural Trade Development and As- ^^^^ Agriculture, Department of—Continued ^^^® sistance Act of 1954—Continued Agricultural Research Service— Amendments—Continued Appropriation for 31, 226 Famine relief assistance— Supergrade positions, repeal of proExtension 307 vision respecting 788 Presidential authority 211 Agricultural Stabilization and ConForeign currencies— servation Service, appropriation for 733 Americafti tourist, purchase 306 Commodity Credit Corporation, Agricultural Trade Development and reimbursement 306, 307 Assistance Act of 1954. See sepaRate of exchange 306 rate title. Sale of agricultural commodities Agriculture and mechanic arts, approfor, agreements 64 priation for endowment 595 Appropriation for effecting provisions.- 227, Animal disease control— Appropriation for 31, 226-228 232, 238, 356 Hog cholera eradication program 481 Foreign currencies, appropriation for Appropriation Act, 1962 225 purchase for— Buildings abroad, acquisition, mainAppropriation for- - - 20, 31, 144, 225, 257, 733 tenance, etc 546 Area Redevelopment Advisory Policj' Board, membership 48 Educational research and training 597 Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act. See Market development research 227, 232 separate title. Scientific activities overseas 603 Bartered materials for supplemental Social security, research and training. 606 stockpile, appropriation for exAgricultural Workers: penses 238, 239 Handling and processing of food, study Centennial of establishment of Departof exemptions under Fair Labor ment 399 Standards Amendments of 1961 75 Appropriation for observance 237 Mexican farm labor program— Appropriation for 38, 745 Centennial year, proclamation 1092 Extension 761 Commodity Credit Corporation. See Occupational training for supplemenseparate title. tary employment 59 Commodity Exchange Authority, apAgriculture, Department of: propriation for 32, 233 Acreage allotments and marketing quoCommodity Stabilization Service, aptas. See Agricultural Adjustment propriation for 32, 233 Act of 1938. Conservation Reserve Program, approAdministrative orders, interlocutory inpriation for 234 junctions, reasonable notice 497 Consolidated Farmers Home AdminisAgricultural Act of 1949. See separate tration Act of 1961 307 title. Agricultural Act of 1954, funds for efCotton. See separate title. fecting provisions 232 Department of Agriculture Organic Act Agricultural Act of 1961 294 of 1944, amendments; abolishment Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938. of Federal Farm Mortgage CorSee separate title. poration 773, 774 Agricultural conservation program, apEconomic Research Service, appropriapropriation for 233, 234 tion for 230 Agricultural Enabling Amendments Act Emergency Farm Mortgage Act of 1933, of 1961 295 amendments, loan to farmers by Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946, land bank commissioners, repeal of funds for effecting provisions 228, certain provisions 773 230, 231 Entomology Research Laboratory, Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act Orlando, Fla., sale and use of proof 1937, amendments, marketing ceeds 226 regulations; enforcement; expanEuropean fowl pest, appropriation for sion of coverage; research and deeradication 228 velopment projects; area limitation; Experiment Stations, appropriation for_ 226, importation prohibition 303-306 227 Agricultural Marketing Service, approExtension Service, appropriation for.- 31, 228 priation for 31,231