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[75 Stat. 1182]
[75 Stat. 1182]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Commodity Credit Corporation—Con. ^'^se Concurrent Resolutions—Continued ^^^^ Surplus agricultural commodities— Deportation suspensions of certain Disposal for emergency famine relief, aliens 970, 971 reimbursement for costs 239 Enrolled bills, correction— Migratory birds, etc., grain for emerClassification Act of 1949, amendgency feedings 389 ments (H.R. 7377) 972 Appropriation for reimbursement. 239 Housing Act of 1961 (S. 1922) 962 Reimbursement for sale; agreements; NASA appropriation authorization (H.R. 6874) 964 program extension 64, 239, 306, 307 Use for training certain college stuSmall Business Investment Act of dents 411 1958, amendment (S. 902) 968 Commodity Exchange Act, funds for efInauguration of President-elect and fecting provisions 233 Vice President-elect, continuation of authority of joint committee on Commodity Exchange Authority, appropriation for 32,233 arrangements 9 59 Commodity Stabilization Service, approPermanent residence status, granting to priation for 32, 233 certain aliens 971 Communicable Disease Activities, approPublications, printing of additional priation for 36 copies— "Activities of United States Citizens Communication Lines, malicious damage, 669 Employed by the United NaCommunications Act of 1934, Amendtions" 963 ments, adjudicatory cases, review; "Communist Leadership 'Tough Guy' hearings 420 Takes Charge" 962 Communist Chinese Government, con"Communist Target—Youth—Comgressional statement opposing United munist Infiltration and Agitation Nations membership 550, 718, 965 Tactics" 960, 967 "Communist Leadership 'Tough Guy' "Communist Training Operations— Takes Charge", printing of additional Communist Activities and Propacopies of hearing 962 ganda Among Youth Groups".963 "Communist Target—Youth—Communist Convention of American Instructors Infiltration and Agitation Tactics", of the Deaf, Salem, Oreg., June printing of additional copies of 1961, report 968 report 960, 967 "Documentary Proof That the Com"Communist Training Operations—Communist Party, U.S.A., Teaches munist Activities and Propaganda and Advocates the Overthrow and Among Youth Groups", printing of Destruction of the United States additional copies of hearings 963 Government by Force and VioCommunity Health Services and Facilities lence" 963 Act of 1961 824 "Facts on Communism—Volume I, The Communist Ideology" 965 Comptroller General. See General Ac"Facts on Communism—Volume II, counting Office. The Soviet Union, From Lenin Concurrent Resolutions: to Khrushchev" 961 Alan B. Shephard, Jr., Comdr., USN, "Fair Play for Cuba Committee" 963 commendation 961 "Freedom of Communications" 968 Chinese Communist Government, con"History of the House of Representagressional statement opposing adtives" 967 mission to United Nations memberHon. Sam Rayburn, print tribute 964 ship 550, 718, 965 House Document No. 412 966 Congress— Adjournment 960 "How Our Laws Are Made" 961 Adjournment, sine die 972 Inaugural addresses 963 Electoral vote count 959 "Interlocking Subversion in GovernEnrolled bills, signing after adjournment Departments" 963 ment 972 Internal Security Subcommittee hearPresident, joint meeting to receive ings 968 communications from 960, 961 "Khrushchev's Strategy and Its Dag Hammarskjold, death of, expresMeaning for America" 962 sion of regrets 967