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[75 Stat. 1186]
[75 Stat. 1186]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Crimes and Misdemeanors—Continued Atomic Energy Commission, employment or fellowships, penalty for acceptance by persons found disloyal Communication lines, malicious damage, penalty Espionage and censorship, expansion of scope False bomb reports, penalties Farmers Home Administration, penalty for certain violations Federal Aviation Act of 1958, aircraft piracy, penalties for violations under Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation, abolishment, deletion of certain provisions Fugitives from justice, flight to avoid prosecution or giving testimony Gift enterprises, D.C., repeal of certain provisions respecting...: Lead and zinc mining, subsidy to small producers, penalties for violations.

^^^^ Customs, Bureau of. See under Treasury, ^ ** "f' Department of. Customs and Patent Appeals, Court of. See under Courts, United States. 731 Customs Court, United States. See under Courts, United States. 669 Cyprus, immigration quota, proclamation. 979

D 795 751 Dahomey, immigration quota, proclamation 979 316 Dairy Products, availability to Armed Forces and Veterans Administration. 319 Dania Indian Reservation, Fla., long term 466 lease of lands 804 Deaf: Appropriation for expansion of teaching 774 of 735 Convention of American Instructors of 795 the Deaf, Salem, Oreg., June 1961, publication of report 968 565 Educational institutions, grants-in-aid to teachers of the 575 768, Defense, Department of. See also Armed 769 Forces and individual services. New Hampshire, claims settlement, Advanced Research Projects Agency, penalties for violations 829 appropriation for 374 Oil Pollution Act, 1961, penalties for Aircraft or missile accidents, claims reviolations 403, 404 sulting from, advance payments 488 Property moving in interstate or foreign Appropriation Act, 1962 365 commerce, penalty for willful deAppropriation for 20, struction or injury to 494 21, 32, 33, 144, 145, 195, 365, 735 Racketeering enterprises, travel or transCitizenship requirements, nonapplicaportation in aid of, penalty 498 bility to personnel 375 Security of the United States, forfeiture Civil and Defense Mobilization, Oflfice of annuities of persons convicted of, redesignation as Office of Emerof offenses against 640 gency Planning; transfer of funcShipping Act, rates, penalty for violations 630 tions 764, 765 Civil defense activities, appropriation Tax stamps, transportation of fraudufor 374 lent State, prohibition 802 Civil functions, appropriation for 21, 735 Unemployment compensation, penalties Civilian employees— for false statements, etc 12 National Guard, withholding, Federal Virgin Islands, landing of catches of contributions 496 fish by foreign-flag vessels, penalty Scientific and professional positions, for violations 493 increase 790 Wagering paraphernalia, interstate Claims, appropriation for 21,371 transportation, penalties 491,492 Commercial air transportation of miliYouth offenders, certificate setting aside tary mail, reimbursement of Post conviction 750 Office Department 379 Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, S. Dak., lands Commissary stores, restriction on funds held in trust for .... 809 for operation 377 Cuba: Congressional liaison activities, restricForeign assistance, prohibitions against tion on funds available 380 furnishing assistance 444 Contingencies, appropriation for 371 Sugar quota; proclamations 40, 1000, 1041 Contracts with United States, alternate Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, methods of auditing records, agreeKy., additional lands 224 ment 109 Currency Adjustment Act, Old Series 146