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[75 Stat. 1192]
[75 Stat. 1192]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Federal Executive Pay Act of 1956, Amend^^^^ ments—Continued Removal of certain positions from purview of; coverage under Classification Act of 1949 792-794 Federal Extended Compensation Account: Appropriation for 145,412 Establishment 14 Federal Facilities Corporation, dissolution; transfer of contracts to General Services Administration 418 Federal Farm Loan Act, Amendment, Federal Land Banks, loans, restrictions 758, 774 Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation Act, Amendments, abolishment of corporation; repeal of certain provisions 773 Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation Fund, liquidation of assets 240 Federal Firearms Act, Amendment, transportation by persons under indictment 7 57 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, appropriation for effecting provisions _ 594 Federal Home Loan Bank Act, Amendments: Capital stock, subscription 482 Federal H o m e Loan Bank Board, directors, election and appointment 486 Federal Home Loan Bank Board: Appropriation for 34, 360, 739 Directors, election and appointment 486 Reorganization Plan N o. 6 of 1961 838 Supergrade positions, authorization 786 Federal Housing Administration. See under Housing. Federal Insurance Contributions Act, Amendments: Aliens, exemption of certain nonresidents 536 Peace Corps volunteer service, coverage 626 Tax rate, increase 141 Federal Maritime Board, abolishment 843 Federal Maritime Commission: Appropriation for 739 Reorganization Plan No. 7 of 1961 840 Shipping Act, 1916, amendments. See separate title. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, appropriation for 34, 609, 729 Federal National Mortgage Association. See under Housing. Federal Power Commission: Appropriation for 34, 348 General provisions. Appropriation Act. 363 Supergrade positions, repeal of provision for additional 787


Federal Prison Industries, Inc., appropri- ^^^^ ation for 37, 559 Federal Prison System: Appropriation for 27, 37, 195, 553 Compensation for injuries to i n m a t e s. 681 Federal prisoners, appropriation for support 553 United States prisoners, appropriation for support 28 Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949: Amendments— General supply fund, removal of limitation 802 Surplus personal property, use by State distribution agencies 213 Appropriation for effecting provisions. 25, 608 Federal Register: Printing, binding, and distributi-on, appropriation for 334 Publication in— Cape Cod National Seashore, Mass., establishment 288, 290 Fort Smith National Historic Site, Ark., establishment 490 Rocky M o u n t a i n National Park, Colo, b o u n d a r y 383 Seotts Bluff National Monument, Nebr., b o u n d a r y revision 148 Taxes— Clays and shale, depletion allowance. _ 674 Refractory products, percentage dedepletion 684 Federal Regulations, Code of, appropriation for printing and binding 334 Federal Reserve Act, Amendments: Advances to member banks, amendments regarding 773 H o m e improvement loans, lending authority 191 Liability of Federal Reserve Bank, reduction; r e t u r n of collateral 147 Purchase and sale of obligations of national, state, and municipal governments 773 Federal Savings and Loan Associations: Investment of assests in facilities for the aging 189 Urban renewal investment trust, authority to invest in 190 Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation: Administrative expenses, appropriation for; limitation 360, 739 Savings and loan accounts, insurance premiums; P r i m a r y and Secondary Reserves 483 Federal Supply Service: Appropriation for 35, 350, 739 Commissioner of, compensation 792