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[75 Stat. 1194]
[75 Stat. 1194]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Florida—Continued Pa^« Highlands County, conveyance of phosp h a t e interest of the United States to owners 913 Naval Aviation, Fiftieth Anniversary, Pensacola 87 Orlando, Entomology Research L a b oratory, sale and use of proceeds _ _ 226 Polk County, conveyance of phosphate interest of the United States to owners 911 Sarasota County, conveyance of phosp h a t e interest of the United States to owners.-911 Food Additives Amendment of 1958, Amendment, transitional provisions, time extension 42 Food Additives Transitional Provisions Amendment o f l 9 6 1 42 Food and Drug Administration; Appropriation for 36, 594 Food Additives Transitional Provisions Amendment of 1961 42 Foot-and-Mouth Disease, prevention and eradication, appropriation for 228 Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, Amendment, extension of requirements to domestic organizations controlled by a foreign government 784 Foreign Agricultural Service, appropriation for 32, 232 Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 424, 719 Administrative provisions— Allocation and reimbursement among agencies 453 Coordination with foreign policy 446 Defense, Department of, responsibilities under 446 Exer cise of functions by the President 445 Experts, consultants, and retired officers 451 Personnel, employment; compensasation; detailed to foreign governments, etc 449, 452 S t a t u to r y officers, administrators of economic assistance 447 Uses of funds 457 Appropriation for effecting provisions717 General provisions— Accounts, special; transfer 442 Appropriation Act 718, 721 Commodities, procurement; retention and use 439, 440 Cuba, prohibitions against furnishing assistance 444 Economic assistance to Latin America 444 Foreign currencies, use of; accounting, etc 443


Foreign Assistance Act of 1961—Con. P^^e General provisions—Continued Free enterprise and private participation 438 Newly independent countries, assistance 444 P a t e n t s and technical information - , 440 Plans and cost estimates, completion442 Property, a d v a n c e acquisition of 441 Shipping on United States vessels 439 Small business 439 Special authorities 444 Inspector General and Comptroller, Office of, abolishment 445, 460 International Cooperation Administration, abolishment 446 International Development of 1961, Act for. See separate title. International Peace and Security Act of 1961. See separate title. Foreign Assistance and Related Agencies Appropriation Act, 1962 717 Foreign Central Banks, income taxes, certain exemptions 64 Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, appropriation for 34, 280 Foreign Commerce, Bureau of, appropriation for 20,32,272 Foreign Currencies: Purchase— Agriculture Department 227, 232 Educational research and training 597 E g y p t i a n pounds, appropriation for746 International educational exchange • activities, funds available for — 549 M u t u a l Education a l and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, expenses under 531 National Science F o u n d a t i o n 356 Social security, research and t r a i n i n g. 606 State Department, funds available for_ 546 United States Information Agency- 557, 558 Sale of surplus agricultural commodities for— Agriculture Department, appropriation for 238 C o m m o d i t y Credit Corporation, reimbursement of; agreements 64, 239, 306, 307 Exchange rate 306 Use of— Development grants for schools, hospitals and small farmers a b r o a d 428 Loans, administration 463 Payment of obligations outside United States; accounting and reporting443 Peace Corps Act, expenditures under. 623 Foreign Operations Administration, organization, repeal of Reorganization Plan N o. 7 of 1953 460