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[75 Stat. 1209]
[75 Stat. 1209]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


Labor, Department of—Continued ^'"^^^ Temporary Extended Railroad Unemployment Insurance Benefits Act of 1961 16 Appropriation for effecting provisions 742 Unemployment compensation— Administrative financing, temporary increase 16 Agreements with States for payment of extended benefits 10 Employment security administration account, appropriation for 28 Federal employees and ex-servicemen, appropriation for 29, 592 Federal extended compensation account, appropriation for 28 Grants to States, limitation, funds available 28 Veterans' Remployment Rights, Bureau of, appropriation for 38, 590 Wage and Hour Division, appropriation for 38, 594 Welfare and Pension Plans Disclosure Act, appropriation for effecting provision 589 Women's Bureau, appropriation for-. 38, 593 Labor-Management Policy, President's Advisory Committee on, appropriation for 22, 269 Labor>Management Relations Act, 1947, appropriation for effecting provisions _ 609 Labor-Management Reports, Bureau of, appropriation for 589 Labor Relations Board, National, appropriation for 35, 609 Labor Standards, Bureau of, appropriation for 38, 589 Labor Statistics, Bureau of, appropriation for 38, 593 Lac du Flambeau Reservation, Wis., reserve lands 46 Land-Grant Universities and Colleges Centennial: Establishment of the national system, recognition 400 Proclamation 1093 Land Management, Bureau of, appropriation for 26, 246 Lassen Volcanic National Park, Calif., land addition from Lassen National Forest 319 Latin America: Development and reconstruction assistance, use of funds for 463 Economic assistance 444 Housing project guaranties 432 Military aid, restrictions on 438 I

_ 64207 0-62—79




Law Day, U.S.A.: ^^^^ Designation 43 1961, Proclamation 1048 Lead and Zinc, mining, subsidy to small producers 766 Legion of Valor of the United States of America, Inc., formerly, Army and Navy Legion of Valor of the United States of America, Inc 95 Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1947, Amendment, basic salaries in senatorial offices 323 Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1957, Amendments: Official trips to home states by certain Senate employees, increase authorized 29 Per diem and subsistence payments, increase 340 Legislative Branch of the Government. See also Congress; House of Representatives; Senate, Appropriation Act, 1962 320 Appropriation for. _ 29, 38, 144, 320, 747 "Legislative Recommendations by House Committee on Un-American Activities—Subsequent Action Taken by Congress or Executive Agencies— A Research Study by Legislative Reference Service of the Library of Congress", printing of additional copies of study 965 Legislative Reference Service, appropriation for 39, 332 Liberty Bond Act, Second, temporary increase in public debt limit 148 Library of Congress: Administrative provisions, Appropriation Act 333 Annotated Constitution, revision, appropriation for 333 Appropriation for 30, 39, 331 Blind, appropriation for books for 39, 333 Collection and distribution of materials, appropriation for 333 Copyright Office, appropriation for.. 39, 332 Early American motion pictures, appropriation for preservation of.. 39, 333 Law Library, appropriation for increase. 332 Legislative Reference Service, appropriation for 39, 332 Presidential papers, organizing and microfilming— Appropriation for 39, 333 Removal of certain liabilities 544 Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church, records made available 241 Supreme Court, appropriation for books for 332