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[75 Stat. 1211]
[75 Stat. 1211]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Mental Health Activities, appropriation ^^^^ Milk: School milk program, extension, infor 602 creased funds authorized 147, 319 Mentally Retarded, teaching of, approAppropriation for reimbursement of priation for expansion in education Commodity Credit Corporation. 239 of 596 State and local health work regarding Merchant Marine Academy, United food, milk, etc., appropriation for_ 600 States: Acceptance of gifts and bequests 480 Minerals: Nevada, disclaiming of mineral rights Appointments of United States naby United States in 751 tionals to 468 Nickel-cobalt-copper calcines and matte Faculty and staff, employment status. _ 212 in National stockpile, disposition.. 19 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, nomination of citizens to be cadets. 514 granting of mineral interests to Merchant Marine Act, 1936, Amendtribe 586 ments: Phosphate interest of the United American-flag vessels, construction and States— maintenance 565 Highlands County, Fla., conveyance Capital reserve funds, use of 570 to owners 913 Construction differential subsidies of Polk County, Fla., conveyance to vessels 494 owners 911 Merchant Marine Academy. See sepaSarasota County, Fla., conveyance to rate title. owners 911 Obsolete vessels, trade-in allowance 833 Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge and Game Operating differential subsidies— Preserve, La., use of revenues from American flag passenger vessels, offseason cruises 89 mineral development 779 Increase 513 Minerals Exploration, Office of, appropriaPreferred mortgage status on vessels, tion for . 253 extension 661 Mines, Bureau of: Meriwether Lewis National Monument, Appropriation for , 37, 252 Tenn., included in Natchez Trace Helium, transfer of funds for acquisiParkway 335 tion from Departments of Army, Metal Scrap, duty-free importation 224 Navy, and Air Force 253 Mexican Border Service, deceased veterReport to Congress, health hazards, ans, burial flag 512 study 649 Mexican Farm Labor Program: Mines and Mining: Appropriation for 3 8, 592, 745 Alaska, filing of mining claims 541 Extension 761 Health hazards and injuries, study; Mexico, International Boundary and Wareport to Congress 649 ter Commission, United States and, Lead and zinc, subsidy to small proappropriation for 547 ducers 766 Michigan: Minidoka Project, Rupert, Idaho, property University of, towing carriage, dutydisposal 388 free entry 541 Ministers of Religion: Wyandotte National Wildlife Refuge, District of Columbia, privileged comestablishment 243 munications in 681 Middle East Peace and Stability, report Federal old-age, survivors, and disto Congress on action respecting 463 ability insurance, time extension Migratory Waterfowl: to elect coverage under 141 Appropriation for grain 239, 240 Minnesota: Conservation of, acquisition of wetDuluth-Superior Harbor, modification of lands 813 project 816 Military Construction Act of 1960, AmendNorth Dakota-Minnesota interstate ment, Boardman Bombing Range, compact, boundary 399 Oreg., land exchange with State 777 Superior National Forest, appropriation Military Construction Act of 1961 96 for acquisition of land 258, 772 Military Construction Appropriation Act, Mint, Bureau of the, appropriation for 31, 1962 658 394, 746