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[75 Stat. 1226]
[75 Stat. 1226]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Smithsonian Institution—Continued ^"S*^ National Zoological Park, D.C.— Appropriation for 33 Improvement 779 N a t u r a l history building, additions to, appropriation for 262 White House, preservation of historic and artistic contents 586 Social Security Act: Amendments— Administrative expenditures 78 Aid to the blind, increase in g r a n t s. _ 143 Benefits— Disability determinations, retroactive effect of certain applications 139 Earned-income limitation, liberalization 140 Fully insured status 137 Minimum, increase 131 New Mexico, retirement system divided into two part s 140 Reduced benefits for men a t age 6 2. 131 State-Federal agreements, time extension for modifications 139 Widows, widowers, and parents, increase 138 Dependent children of unemployed parents 75 Foster home care for dependent children 76 Grants to P u e r to Rico, Virgin Islands, and Guam, increase 77, 78, 143 Non-resident aliens, certain, exemption 537 Old-age assistance, additional Federal payments to States 77, 143 Peace Corps volunteer service, coverage 626 P e r m a n e n t l y and totally disabled, increase in grants 143 Public welfare personnel, training grants 77 State plan, deviation 77 Unemployment T r u s t F u n d, establishment of a Federal extended compensation account 14 United States citizens returned from foreign countries, temporary assistance 142 Appropriation for effecting provisions, - 590592 Social Security Administration: Appropriation for 23, 36, 604, 737 Children's Bureau, appropriation for-_ 36, 605 Commissioner, Office of the, appropriation for 36, 606 G r a n t s to States— Maternal and child welfare, appropriation for 605

Social Security Administration—Con. ^*^se G r a n t s to States—Continued Public assistance, appropriation for. _ 24, 605, 737 Old-Age and Survivors Insurance, Bureau of, appropriation for 23, 604, 737 Public Assistance, Bureau of, appropriation for 24, 737 Research or demonstration projects, appropriation for 606 Secretary, Office of the, appropriation for 36 Surplus property utilization, appropriation for 36 White House Conference on Aging, appropriation for 36 Social Security Amendments of 1961 131 Soil Bank Act: Amendment, conservation lands, harvesting of h a y 129 Funds for effecting provisions 234 Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act: Amendments— Agricultural conservation program for 1962, diversion of acreage-302 Feed grain conservation program for 1961 6 Great Plains conservation program, ten-year contracts, extension 319 Funds for effecting provisions--- 230, 233, 234 Soil Conservation Service: Administrator, compensation 792, 793 Appropriation for 31, 229 Local engineers, temporary employment of 229 Soldiers Home, United States, appropriation for 33, 610 Somali Republic, immigration quota, proclamation 979 Sorghums, Grain, feed grain programs for 1961 and 1962, price supports 6, 301 South Dakota: Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, S. Dak., lands held in t r u s t for 809 I n t e r s t a t e compact with Wyoming and Nebraska, time extension for negotiations 412 Southeast River Basins, United States Study Commission, appropriation for. 731 Southeastern Power Administration: Appropriation for 145, 412, 728 Supergrade positions, repeal of provision respecting 788 Southwestern Power Administration, appropriation for 37, 145, 412, 729 "Soviet Total War—Historic Mission of Violence and Deceit", Volumes I and II, printing of copies 964