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[75 Stat. 1235]
[75 Stat. 1235]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Abramowitz, Sylvia A Addis, K a y Allen, Shih-Chun Hsiao Alonzi, Giuseppa Alves, Francisco J American Baptist H o m e Mission S o c i e t y. American President Lines, L t d American Red Cross 429, Anchustegui, Carmen G A. N. Deringer, I n c Andrade-Marrero, Francisco Andrews, Michael Angeloff, Krste Arcobasso, Joseph Arregui, M a r t i n M Arriaga, Savino N Arzaga, J o h n L. (Dr.) Asato, K e u m J a Asteinza, Francisco U Azuma, N o b u t a k a (Dr.)

941 872 971 910 943 898 914 441 909 927 953 954 888 970 955 955 951 874 955 874

B Bagliore, F r a n k Bajor, Mieczyslaw Balian, H e to u m Balish, Marie F Barber, R o b e r t W Barras, M a r t h a U B a r t h, Erica Becsey, J e n o Bell, M a h Ngim Benedetti, Louis (M. Sgt.) Benedict, Adelina Benlevi, Hadji Berberian, George Beusan, Vicko Bigras, N o r m a n J. L Binkowski, J a n Bleier, Max Bloom, Elmer J. (Mrs.) Bohlman, Jerzy Bonavita, Giovanna Boonos, Nicolita Boudoures, Nick G

Bourbonnais, Anthony, heirs of Brooks, MoUie M Brown, Isabel Bruno, Pietro D


953 882 953 886 918 877 875 872 873 870 939 852 867 946 953 946 889 902 971 881 947 894 884 747 936 868

Bruno, Vito Bryan, Washington G Bulski, Stanley Burgett, N o r m a n T B u s t a m a n t e, Jose


Page 970 938 854 908 970

C Cabello, Angela C Cairo, Salvatore Campagna, Nicolo Campbell, Benjamin E Cantor, Louis Caradec, Bernard J. G Carola, Domenico Cascarino, M a r i a Cassandro, Ido E Cena, Ricaredo B. D Chace, Milton A Chan, Wan Chen, William Kwo-Wei (Dr.) Chien, Sze-Foo Ching, Liu Lai Choi, Ok N y u C human, Hideo (EN/2) Chun, Arlene Wu Chun, H e n r y Wu Chung, I n Ae Chung, I n Fil Chung, I n J a Chung, I n Sook Chung, Yin Own Chung, Young Cicchetti, Biaggio J Cleveland, R a l p h B Clifford, Elizabeth Cocchiara, Francesco Colacicco, Maria F Collins, Lucille Collins, Michael J Colorado Transportation Company Combs, M a r y A Composition Roofers, D a m p and Waterproof Workers Association Local Union N o. 8, N. Y Concepcion, J a i m e E Cook, J a m e s M. (CWO) Corsa, Kejen Pi Cosino, Amina Y Cotter, Carl H. (Rear Adm.) 1235

909 952 947 858 970 869 946 880 885 895 918 971 873 877 942 923 933 869 869 862 862 862 862 971 971 953 887 855 953 935 952 851 383 865

121 879 919 890 896 919