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[75 Stat. 155]
[75 Stat. 155]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

75 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 87-70-JUNE30, 1961

"(2) To be eligible for insurance under this subsection, a home improvement loan shall— " (i) not exceed the Commissioner's estimate of the cost of improvement, or $10,000 per family unit, whichever is the lesser; (ii) be limited to an amount which when added to any outstanding indebtedness related to the property (as determined by the Commissioner) creates a total outstanding indebtedness which does not exceed the limits provided in subsection (d)(3) for properties (of the same type) other than new construction; "(iii) bear interest at not to exceed a rate prescribed by the Commissioner, but not in excess of 6 per centum per annum of the amount of the principal obligation outstanding at any time, and such other charges (including such service charges, appraisal, inspection, and other fees) as may be approved by the Commissioner; " (iv) have a maturity satisfactory to the Commissioner, but not to exceed twenty years from the beginning of amortization of the loan or three-quarters of the remaining economic life of the structure, whichever is the lesser; " (v) comply with such other terms, conditions, and restrictions as the Commissioner may prescribe; and "(vi) represent the obligation of a borrower who is the owner of the property improved, or a lessee of the property under a lease for not less than 99 years which is renewable or under a lease having a period of not less than 50 years to run from the date of the loan. "(3) Any home improvement loan insured under this subsection may be refinanced and extended in accordance with such terms and conditions as the Commissioner may prescribe, but in no event for an additional amount or term in excess of the maximum provided for in this subsection. " (4) There is hereby created a separate Section 220 Home Improvement Account to be maintained under the Section 220 Housing Insurance F u n d and to be used by the Commissioner as a revolving fund for carrying out the provisions of this subsection. The Commissioner is authorized to transfer to such Account the sum of $1,000,000 from the W a r Housing Insurance Fund established pursuant to the provisions of section 602 of this Act. Any premium charges, and appraisal and other fees received on account of the insurance of any home improvement loan accepted for insurance under this subsection, and the receipts derived from the sale, collection, deposit, or compromise of any evidence of debt, contract, claim, property, or security assigned to or held by the Commissioner in connection with the payment of insurance under this subsection, shall be credited to the Section 220 Home Improvement Account. Insurance claims under this subsection and expenses incurred in the handling, management, renovation, and disposal of any properties acquired by the Commissioner under this subsection shall be charged to the Section 220 Home Improvement Account. General expenses of operation of the Federal Housing Administration and other expenses incurred under this subsection may be charged to the Section 220 Home Improvement Account. Moneys in the Account not needed for the current operation of the Federal Housing Administration under this subsection shall be deposited with the Treasurer of the United States to the credit of the Account, or invested in bonds or other obligations of, or in bonds or other obligations guaranteed as to principal and interest by, the United States. I n order to protect the solvency of the Section 220 Home Improvement Account, adequate security shall be taken in connection with loans insured under this subsection in such manner as the Commissioner may require.


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12 USC 1737.