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[75 Stat. 164]
[75 Stat. 164]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


42 u^* tUi.

73St^rt. eVi!' 42 USC i4i5. 42 USC 1421.

PUBLIC LAW 87-70-JUNE 30, 1961

[75 S T A T.

tributions on such date: Provided, That no such new contract for additional units shall be entered into after the date of enactment of the Housing Act of 1961 except with respect to low-rent housing for a locality respecting which the Administrator has made the determination and certification relating to a workable program as prescribed in section 101(c) of the Housing Act of 1949, and the Authority shall enter ^nto only such new contracts for preliminary loans as are consistent with the number of dwelling units for which contracts for annual contributions may be entered into." (b) Section 10(i) of such Act is repealed; and section 15(10) of such Act is redesignated as section 10(i) and transferred (as so redesignated) to the place heretofore occupied by the section so repealed. (J5 Section 21(d) of such Act is repealed. GREATER LOCAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ADMISSION POMCIES

SEC. 205. (a) Section 10(g) of the United States Housing Act of 42 USC wfo. 1^^'^ ^^ amended to read as follows: "(^) Every contract for annual contributions for any low-rent housing project shall provide that— "(1) the maximum income limits fixed by the public housing agency shall be subject to the prior approval of the Authority and the Authority may require the agency to review and revise such limits if the Authority determines that changed conditions in the locality make such revisions necessary in achieving the purposes of the Act; "(2) the public housing agency shall adopt and promulgate regulations establishing admission policies which shall give full consideration to its responsibility for the rehousing of those displaced by urban renewal or other governmental action, to the applicant's status as a serviceman or veteran or relationship to a serviceman or veteran or to a disabled serviceman or veteran, and to the applicant's age or disability, housing conditions, urgency of housing need, and source of income; and "(3) the public housing agency shall determine, and so certify to the Authority, that each family in the project was admitted in accordance with duly adopted regulations and approved income limits; and the public housing agency shall make periodic rexaminations of the incomes of families living in the project and shall require any family whose income has increased beyond the approved maximum income limits for continued occupancy to move from the project unless the public housing agency determines that, due to special circumstances, the family is unable to find decent, safe and sanitary housing within its financial reach although making every reasonable effort to do so, in which event such family may be permitted to remain for the duration of such a situation if it pays an increased rent consistent with such family's increased income." 42^u%'c 1410 ('^) Sections 10(m) and 15(8) of such Act are repealed. 1415. MISCELLANEOUS



SEC. 206. (a) Section 15 of the United States Housing Act of 1937 is amended by— (1) inserting in paragraph (5) after the second parenthetical clause the following: "on which the computation of any annual contributions under this Act may be based; (2) striking out in paragraph (5) "($2,500 per room in the case of Alaska or in the case of accommodations designed specifically for elderly families)", and inserting in lieu thereof