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[75 Stat. 314]
[75 Stat. 314]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


PUBLIC LAW 87-128-AUG. 8, 1961

[75 S T A T.

Provided further, That no such compromise, adjustment, or reduction shall be made hereunder after the claim has been referred to the Attorney General unless agreed to by the Attorney General. (e) collect all claims and obligations arising or administered under this title, or under any mortgage, lease, contract, or agreement entered into or administered pursuant to this title and, if in his judgment necessary and advisable, pursue the same to final collection in any court having jurisdiction, mutees."* ^ °'"' ^^^- ^^2. (a) The Secretary is authorized and directed to appoint in each county or area in which activities are carried on under this title, a county committee composed of three individuals residing in the county or area, at least two of whom at the time of appointment shall be farmers deriving the principal part of their income from farming. Committee appointments shall be for a term of three years except that the first appointments for any new committee shall be for one-, two-, and three-year periods, respectively, so as to provide continuity of committee membership. The Secretary may appoint alternate committeemen. The members of the committee and their alternates shall be removable for cause by the Secretary. (b) The rates of compensation, the number of days per month each member may be paid, and the amount to be allowed for necessary travel and subsistence expenses, shall be determined and paid by the Secretary. (c) The committee shall meet on the call of the chairman elected by the committee or on the call of such other person as the Secretary may designate. Two members of the committee shall constitute a quorum. The Secretary shall prescribe rules governing the procedure of the committees and their duties, furnish forms and equipment necessary, and authorize and provide for the compensation of such clerical assistance as he finds may be required by any committee. Loans; requireg^c. 333. I n counection with loans made or insured under this title, ments. the Secretary shall require— (a) the applicant to certify in writing that he is unable to obtain sufficient credit elsewhere to finance his actual needs at reasonable rates and terms, taking into consideration prevailing private and cooperative rates and terms in the community in or near which the applicant resides for loans for similar purposes and periods of time; (b) except for loans under sections 306, 314 and 321(b)(2), the county committee to certify in writing that the applicant meets the eligibility requirements for the loan, and has the character, industry, and ability to carry out the proposed farming operations, and will, in the opinion of the committee, honestly endeavor to carry out his undertakings and obligations; and for loans under sections 306, 314 and 321(b)(2), the Secretary shall require the recommendation of the county committee as to the making or insuring of the loan; (c) an agreement by the borrower that if at any time it shall appear to me Secretary that the borrower may be able to obtain a loan from a production credit association, a Federal land bank, or other responsible cooperative or private credit source, at reasonable rates and terms for loans for similar purposes and periods of time, the borrower will^ upon request by the Secretary, apply for and accept such loan in sufficient amount to repay the Secretary or the insured lender, or both, and to pay for any stock necessary to be purchased in a cooperative lending agency in connection with such loan;