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[75 Stat. 325]
[75 Stat. 325]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


PUBLIC LAW 87-130-AUG. 10, 1961



For six minority employees, $88,405. For the office of the majority floor leader, including $2,000 for official expenses of the majority leader, $72,805. For the office of the minority floor leader, including $2,000 for official expenses of the minority leader, $56,295. For the office of the majority whip, $29,720. For the office of the minority whip, $29,720. For two printing clerks, one for the majority caucus room and one for the minority caucus room, to be appointed by the majority and minority leaders, respectively, $13,565. For a technical assistant in the office of the attending physician, to be appointed by the attending physician, subject to the approval of the Speaker, $11,535. OFFICE OF THE POSTMASTER

For the Office of the Postmaster, including $9,100 for employment of substitute messengers, and extra services of regular employees when required at the basic salary rate of not to exceed $2,100 per annum each, $316,210. OFFICIAL REPORTERS OF DEBATES

For official reporters of debates, $202,915. OFFICIAL REPORTERS TO COMMITTEES

For official reporters to committees, $204,995. COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS

For salaries and expenses, studies and examinations of executive agencies, by the Committee on Appropriations, and temporary personal services for such committee, to be expended in accordance with section 202(b) of the Legislative Reorganization Act, 1946, and to be available for reimbursement to agencies for services performed, $550,000. OFFICE OF THE LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL

For salaries and expenses of the Office of the Legislative Counsel of the House, $225,750. MEMBERS' CLERK


For clerk hire, necessarily employed by each Member in the discharge of his official and representative duties, $20,400,000. CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF THE HOUSE FURNITURE

For furniture and materials for repairs of the same, including labor, tools, and machinery for furniture repair shops, and for the purchase of packing boxes, $242,550.