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[75 Stat. 453]
[75 Stat. 453]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

75 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 87-195-SEPT. 4, 1961


Treasury of the United States Government, to be available for the specified uses, and to be used for reimbursement of appropriations or direct expenditure subject to the provisions of this Act, any unexpended balance of such account to be returned to the foreign government or international organization; or (4) subject to the receipt by the United States Government of a credit to be applied against the payment by the United States Government of its share of the expenses of the international organization to which the officer or employee is detailed or assigned, such credit to be based upon the compensation, travel expenses, and allowances, or any part thereof, payable to such officer or employee during the period of detail or assignment in accordance with section 629. SEC. 631. MISSIONS AND STAFFS ABROAD.—(a)




maintain special missions or staffs outside the United States in such countries and for such periods of time as m a j be necessary to carry out the purposes of this Act. Each such special mission or staff shall be under the direction of a chief. (b) The chief and his deputy of each special mission or staff carrying out the purposes of part I shall be appointed by the President, and may, notwithstanding any other law, be removed by the President at his discretion. Such chief shall be entitled to receive (1) in cases approved by the President, the same compensation and allowances as a chief of mission, class 3, or a chief of mission, class 4, within the meaning of the Foreign Service Act of 1946, as amended, or (2) compensation and allowances in accordance with section 625(d), as the President shall determine to be appropriate. •3EC. 632. ALLOCATION AND REIMBURSEMENT AMONG AGENCIES.—

(a) The President may allocate or transfer to any agency of the United States Government any part of any funds available for carrying out the purposes of this Act, including any advance to the United States Government by any country or international organization for the procurement of commodities, defense articles, or services (including defense services). Such funds shall be available for obligation and expenditure for the purposes for which authorized, in accordance with authority granted m this Act or under authority governing the activities of the agencies of the United States Government to which such funds are allocated or transferred. (b) Any officer of the United States Government carrying out functions under this Act may utilize the services (including defense services) and facilities of, or procure commodities and defense articles from, any agency of the United States Government as the President shall direct, or with the consent of the head of such agency, and funds allocated pursuant to this subsection to any such agency may be established in separate appropriation accounts on the books of the Treasury. (c) In the case of any commodity, service, or facility procured from any agency of the United States Government to carry out part I, reimbursement or payment shall be made to such agency from funds available to carry out such part. Such reimbursement or payment shall be at replacement cost, or, if required by law, at actual cost, or at any other price authorized by law and agreed to by the owning or disposing agency. The amount of any such reimbursement or payment shall be credited to current applicable appropriations, funds, or accounts, from which there may be procured replacements of similar commodities, services, or facilities, except that where such appropriations, funds, or accounts are not reimbursable except by reason of this subsection, and when the owning or disposing agency determines that such replacement is not necessary, any funds received in payment therefor shall be deposited into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts.

22 USC 8ornc

22 USC 801 note.