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[75 Stat. 11]
[75 Stat. 11]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

75 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 87.6-MAR. 24, 1961


(2) The United States will reimburse the State for State unemployment compensation paid under the conditions specified in section 4. Except as provided in section 8, temporary extended unemployment compensation shall be paid, and reimbursement under section 4 shall be made, only pursuant to an agreement entered into under this section. Amendment, Suspension, or Termination of Agreement (b) Each agreement under this Act shall provide the terms and conditions upon which the agreement may be amended, suspended, or terminated. No Denial or Eeduction of State Benefits (c) Any agreement under this Act shall provide that regular unemployment compensation otherwise payable to any individual will not be denied or reduced for any week by reason of any right to temporary extended unemployment compensation under this Act. Review (d) Any determination by a State agency with respect to entitlement to temporary extended unemployment compensation pursuant to an agreement under this Act shall be subject to review in the same manner and to the same extent as determinations under the State law, and only in such manner and to such extent. Compensation To Be Reduced by Certain Retirement Pensions and Annuities (e)(1) Any agreement under this Act shall provide that temporary extended unemployment compensation payable to an individual with respect to a week shall be reduced, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary, by any amount received with respect to such week as a retirement pension or annuity under a public or private retirement plan or system provided, or contributed to, by any base period employer. An amount received with respect to a period other than a week shall be prorated by weeks. No reduction shall be made under this paragraph for (A) any retirement pension or annuity received by reason of disability, or (B) any amount received under title II of the Social Security Act. (2) For purposes of this subsection, the term "base period employer" means, in the case of any individual, any person who paid such individual any remuneration for employment which was taken into account in computing the amount or duration of any State unemployment compensation which was payable to such individual at any time during the compensation period. (3) For purposes of section 3(c), so much of any State law as provides a disqualification for, or a reduction in, State unemployment compensation for amounts received as retirement pensions or annuities (or for amounts received under title II of the Social Security Act) shall be deemed to be inconsistent with the provisions of this Act relating to the payment of temporary extended unemployment compensation.


42 USC 401-425.