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[75 Stat. 563]
[75 Stat. 563]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961




PUBLIC LAW 8 7 - 2 6 5 - S E P T. 21, 1961

following buildings and facilities: Garrison Elementary School replacement, elementary school in the vicinity of Fifty-third and C Streets Southeast, Palisades Branch Library, replacement of Third Precinct station house, and National Zoological P a r k; for conducting the following preliminary surveys: electrical improvements at the Lorton Reservation; erection of the following structures, including building improvement and alteration and the treatment of grounds: Bancroft Elementary School addition, Woodridge Elementary School completion, Eliot Junior High School Addition, Davis Elementary School addition, Evans Junior High School, elementary school in the vicinity of Eleventh and Clifton Streets Northwest, warehouse and shops for the Recreation Department, replacement of the dormitories for resident physicians and interns at the District of Columbia General Hospital, educational center replacement at the Reformatory, children's cottage at the Junior Village, chapel at the District Training School, and replacement of dormitories at the District of Columbia Village; $302,000 for purchase of equipment for new school buildings; to remain available until expended, $43,257,900, of which $6,825,000 shall not become available for expenditure until July 1, 1962, $6,630,000 shall be payable from the highway fund, $2,840,359 shall be payable from the water fund, $9,755,000 shall be payable from the sanitary sewage works fund, and $710,000 shall be available for construction services by the Director of Buildings and Grounds or by contract for architectural engineering services, as may be determined by the Commissioners, and the funds for the use of the Director of Buildings and Grounds shall be advanced to the appropriation account, "Construction services. Department of Buildings and Grounds": Provided, That not to exceed $105,000 of funds heretofore appropriated under the heading "Capital Outlay, Public Building Construction", 1960, shall be available for the preparation of plans and specifications and the beginning of construction of a structure to replace the Thirteenth Police Precinct station house: Provided further, That the unexpended balances of the amounts previously appropriated under the accounts herewith consolidated may be transferred to this account for use for the same purposes as appropriated.

74 Stat. 26.

GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 2. Except as otherwise provided herein, all vouchers covering expenditures of appropriations contained in this Act shall be audited before payment by the designated certifying oflEicial and the vouchers as approved shall be paid by checks issued by the designated disbursing official without countersignature. SEC. 3. Whenever in this Act an amount is specified within an appropriation for particular purposes or object of expenditure, such amount, unless otherwise specified, shall be considered as the maximum amount which may be expended for said purpose or object rather than an amount set apart exclusively therefor. SEC. 4. Appropriations in this Act shall be available, when authorized or approved by the Commissioners, for allowances for privately owned automobiles used for the performance of official duties at 8 cents per mile but not to exceed $25 a month for each automobile, unless otherwise therein specifically provided, except that sixty-two such allowances at not more than $410 each per annum may be authorized or approved by the Commissioners. SEC. 5. Appropriations in this Act shall be available for expenses of travel and for the payment of dues of organizations concerned with the work of the District of Columbia government, when authorized by

Maximum amount.

A u to m o b i l e allowances,,

T r a v e l and d u e s.