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[75 Stat. 651]
[75 Stat. 651]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



PUBLIC LAW 87-301-SFPT. 26, 1961


such form and shall contain such information and be supported by such documentary evidence as the Attorney General may b;y regulations prescribe. The petition shall be made under oath administered by any individual having authority to administer oaths, if executed in the United States, but, if executed outside the United States, administered by an immigration officer or a consular officer." (b) The second sentence of section 205(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1155) is hereby amended to read: "Not 73 Stat. 645. more than two such petitions may be approved for one petitioner in behalf of a child as defined in section 101(b)(1)(E) or (F), unless ^^^\ ^//gj; " ^ ' necessary to prevent the separation of brothers and sisters." s use 1101. SEC. 4. The first sentence of section 221(c) of the Immigration and pe^?,^j ^^ ^^^^ Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1201) is hereby amended to read: "An ity.^"° immigrant visa shall be valid for such period, not exceeding four 66 Stat. i9i. months, as shall be by regulations prescribed, except that any visa issued to a child lawfully adopted by a United States citizen and spouse while such citizen is serving abroad in the United States Armed Forces, or is employed abroad by the United States Government, or is temporarily abroad on business, shall be valid until such time, for a period not to exceed three years, as the adoptive citizen parent returns to the United States in due course of his service, employment, or business." SEC. 5. (a) Title I of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101) is hereby amended by adding the following: » u s e i lo iuJUDICIAL REVIEW OF ORDERS OF DEPORTATION AND EXCLUSION

"SEC. 106. (a) The procedure prescribed by, and all the provisions of the Act of December 29, 1950, as amended (64 Stat. 1129; 68 Stat. 961; 5 U.S.C. 1031 et seq.), shall apply to, and shall be the sole and exclusive procedure for, the judicial review of all final orders of deportation heretofore or hereafter made against aliens within the United States pursuant to administrative proceedings under section 242(b) of this Act or comparable provisions of any prior Act, except that— " (1) a petition for review may be filed not later than six months from the date of the final deportation order or from the effective date of this section, whichever is the later. "(2) the venue of any petition for review under this section shall be in the judicial circuit in which the administrative proceedings before a special inquiry officer were conducted in whole or in part, or in the judicial circuit wherein is the residence, as defined in this Act^ of the petitioner, but not in more than one circuit; "(3) the action shall be brought against the Immigration and Naturalization Service, as respondent. Service of the petition to review shall be made upon the Attorney General of the United States and upon the official of the Immigration and Naturalization Service m charge of the Service district in which the office of the clerk of the court is located. The service of the petition for review upon such official of the Service shall stay the deportation of the alien pending determination of the petition by the court, unless the court otherwise directs; "(4) except as provided in clause (B) of paragraph (5) of this subsection, the petition shall be determined solely upon the administrative record upon which the deportation order is based and the Attorney General's findings of fact, if supported by rea-