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[75 Stat. 668]
[75 Stat. 668]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

PUBLIC LAW 87-305-SEPT. 26, 1961

[75 S T A T.

shall ibe submitted to the President who shall make the final determination. In addition, the Administrator of General Services and the Secretary of Defense may issue such other regulations concerning subcontracting not inconsistent with the small business subcontracting program as uiey each deem necessary or appropriate to effectuate their functions and responsibilities. . "(2) Every contract for property or services (including but not limited to contracts for research and development, maintenance, repair and construction, but excluding contracts to be performed entirely outside of the United States or its territories) in exo^s of $1,000,000 made by a Government department or agency, which in the opinion of the procuring agency offers substantial subcontracting possibilities, shall require the contractor to conform to the small business subcontracting program promulgated under this subsection, and to insert in all subcontracts and purchase orders in excess of $500,000 which offer substantial possibilities for further subcontracting a provision requiring the subcontractor or supplier to conform to such small business subcontracting program. "(3) The Administration shall include in any report filed under 15 USC 639. section 10(b) of this Act information, and such recommendations as it may deem appropriate, with respect to the administration of the small business subcontracting program established under this subsection. "(4) Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to authorize the Administrator, the Secretary of Defense, or the Administrator of General Services to secure and disseminate technical data or processes developed by any business concern at its own expense." 15 USC 637. gj,(^ 8 Section 8 of the Act is further amended by inserting after subsection (d) (as added by section 7 of this Act) a new subsection as follows: tiSr*'"'*'"*"* "*" "(®) ^^ shall be the duty of the Secretary of Commerce, and he is Publication. hereby empowered, to obtain notice of all proposed defense procurement actions of $10,000 and above, and all civilian procurement actions of $5,000 and above, from any Federal department, establishment, or agency engaged in procurement of supplies and services in the United States; and to publicize such notices m the daily publication 'United States Department of Commerce Synopsis of the United States Government Proposed Procurements, Sales, and Contract Awards', immediately after the necessity for the procurement is established; except that nothing herein shall require publication of such notices with respect to those procurements (1) which for security reasons are of a classified nature, or (2) which involve perishable subsistence supplies, or (3) which are for utility services and the procuring agency in accordance with applicable law has predetermined the utility concern to whom the award will be made, or (4) which are of such unusual and compelling emergency that the Government would be seriously injured if bids or offers were permitted to be made more than 15 days after the issuance of the invitation for bids or solicitation for proposals, or (5) which are made by an order placed under an existing contract, or (6) which are made from another Government department or agency, or a mandatory source of supply, or (7) which are for personal or professional services, or (8) which are for services from educational institutions, or (9^ in which only foreign sources are to be solicited, or (10) for which it is determined in writing by the procuring agency, with the concurrence of the Administrator, that advance publicity is not appropriate or reasonable." 15 USC 636. gj,(, g Section 7(d) of the Act is amended to read as follows: Grants for stud* " (d) The Administration also is empowered to make grants to any ies,

researcn, etc.

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State government or any agency thereof, any State-chartered develop-