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[75 Stat. 694]
[75 Stat. 694]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


PUBLIC LAW 87-328-SEPT. 27, 1961

[75 S T A T.

3.6 General Powers. The commission may: (a) Plan, design, acquire, construct, reconstruct, complete, own, improve, extend, develop, operate and maintain any and all projects, facilities, properties, activities and services, determined by the commission to be necessary, convenient or useful for the purposes of this compact; (b) Establish standards of planning, design and operation of all projects and facilities in the basin which affect its water resources, mcluding without limitation thereto water and waste treatment plants, stream and lake recreational facilities, trunk mains for water distribution, local flood protection works, small watershed management programs, and ground water recharging operations; (c) Conduct and sponsor research on water resources, their planning, use, conservation, management, development, control and protection, and the capacity, adaptability and best utility of each facility thereof, and collect, compile, correlate, analyze, report and interpret data on water resources and uses in the basin, including without limitation thereto the relation of water to other resources, industrial water technology, ground water movement, relation between water price and water demand, and general hydrological conditions; (d) Compile and coordinate systematic stream stage and ground water level forecasting data, and publicize such information when and as needed for water uses, flood warning, quality maintenance or other purposes; (e) Conduct such special ground wat^r investigations tests, and operations and compile such data relating thereto as may be required to formulate and administer the comprehensive plan; (f) Prepare, publish and disseminate information and reports with respect to the water problems of the basin and for the presentation of the needs, resources and policies of the basin to executive and legislative branches of the signatory parties; (g) Negotiate for such loans, grants, services or other aids as may be lawfully available from public or private sources to finance or assist in effectuating any of the purposes of this compact; and to receive and accept such aid upon such terms and conditions, and subject to such provisions for repayment as may be required by federal or state law or as the commission may deem necessary or desirable; (h) Exercise such other and different powers as may be delegated to it by this compact or otherwise pursuant to law, and have and exercise all powers necessary or convenient to carry out its express powers or which may be reasonably implied therefrom. 3.7 Rates and Charges. The commission may from time to time after public notice and hearing fix, alter and revise rates, rentals, charges and tolls and classifications thereof, for the use of facilities which it may own or operate and for products and services rendered thereby, without regulation or control by any department, office or agency of any signatory party. 3.8 Referral and Review. No project having a substantial effect on the water resources of the basin shall hereafter be undertaken by any person, corporation or governmental authority unless it shall have been first submitted to and approved by the commission, subject to the provisions of Sections 3.3 and 3.5. The commission shall approve a project whenever it finds and determines that such project would not substantially impair or conflict with the comprehensive plan and may modify and approve as modified, or may disapprove any such project whenever it finds and determines that the project would substantially impair or conflict with such plan. The commission shall provide by regulation for the procedure of submission, review and consideration of projects, and for its determinations pursuant to this section. Any