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[75 Stat. 704]
[75 Stat. 704]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


PUBLIC LAW 87-328-SEPT. 27, 1961

[75 S T A T.

12.11 Execution. The commission may provide for the execution and authentication of bonds by the manual, lithographed or printed facsimile signature of officers of the commission, and by additional authentication by a trustee or fiscal agent appointed by the commission. If any of the officers whose signatures or counter signatures appear upon the bonds or coupons cease to be officers before the delivery of the bonds or coupons, their signatures or counter signatures are nevertheless valid and of the same force and effect as if the officers had remained in office until the delivery of the bonds and coupons. 12.12 Holding Own Bonds. The Commission shall have power out of any funds available therefor to purchase its bonds and may hold, cancel or resell such bonds. 12.13 Sale. The commission may fix terms and conditions for the sale or other disposition of any authorized issue of bonds. The commission may sell bonds at less than their par or face value but no issue of bonds may be sold at an aggregate price below the par or face value thereof if such sale would result in a net interest cost to the commission calculated upon the entire issue so sold of more than six percent per annum payable semi-annually, according to standard tables of bond values. All bonds issued and sold for cash pursuant to this act shall be sold on sealed proposals to the highest bidder. Prior to such sale, the commission shall advertise for bids by publication of a notice of sale not less than ten days prior to the date of sale, at least once in a newspaper of general circulation printed and published in New York City carrying municipal bond notices and devoted primarily to financial news. The commission may reject any and all bids submitted and may thereafter sell the bonds so advertised for sale at private sale to any financially responsible bidder under such terms and conditions as it deems most advantageous to the public interest, but the bonds shall not be sold at a net interest cost calculated upon the entire issue so advertised, greater than the lowest bid which was rejected. In the event the commission desires to issue its bonds in exchange for an existing facility or portion thereof, or in exchange for bonds secured by the revenues of an existing facility, it may exchange such bonds for the existing facility or portion thereof or for the bonds so secured, plus an additional amount of cash, without advertising such bonds for sale. 12.14 Negotiability. All bonds issued under the provisions of this compact are negotiable instruments, except when registered in the name of a registered owner. 12.15 Legal Investments. Bonds of the commission shall be legal investments for savings banks, fiduciaries and public funds in each of the signatory states. 12.16 Validation Proceedings. Prior to the issuance of any bonds, the commission may institute a special proceeding to determine the legality of proceedings to issue the bonds and their validity under the laws of any of the signatory parties. Such proceeding shall be instituted and prosecuted in rem and the judgment rendered therein shall be conclusive against all persons whomsoever and against each of the signatory parties. 12.17 Recording. No indenture need be recorded or filed in any public office, other than the office of the commission. The pledge of revenues provided in any indenture shall take effect forthwith as provided therein and irrespective of the date of receipts of such revenues by the commission or the indenture trustee. Such pledjge shall be effective as provided in the indenture without physical delivery of the revenues to the commission or to the indenture trustee.