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[75 Stat. 724]
[75 Stat. 724]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


PUBLIC LAW 87-330-SEPT. 30, 1961

[76 S T A T.


For expenses necessary for general administration and related functions in the Office of the Chief of Engineers and offices of the Division Engineers; activities of the Board of Engineers for Eivers and Harbors and the Beach Erosion Board; commercial statistics; and miscellaneous investigations; $13,148,000. FLOOD CONTROL, MISSISSIPPI RIVER A N D TRIBUTARIES

For expenses necessary for prosecuting work of flood control, and rescue work, repair, restoration, or maintenance of flood control projects threatened or destroyed by flood, as authorized by law (33 U.S.C. If. Stat m'i."^' 4« 702a, 702g-l), $72,950,000, to remain available until expended. UNITED STATES SECTION, SAINT LAWRENCE RIVER JOINT BOARD OP ENGINEERS

For necessary expenses of the United States section of the Saint Lawrence River Joint Board of Engineers, established by Executive ^jjcFR 1949-1953 Order 10500, dated November 4, 1953, including services as authorized °6o^stat! 8io! by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 55a), at rates not to exceed $100 per day for individuals; $20,000: Provided, That no part of these funds shall be obligated until agreement has been entered into, by the United States Government and the United States entity authorized to construct the power works in the International Rapids section of the Saint Lawrence River, providing for the reimbursement of the expenditures of the United States section of this Board by the construction entity. INTERNATIONAL NAVIGATION CONGRESSES

For necessary expenses of the meeting of the Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses to be held in the United States in 1961, as authorized by law (72 Stat. 513), $30,000. ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS

5 USC 2318. 68 Stat. 1114.

Appropriations in this title shall be available for expenses of attendance ay military personnel of meetings in the manner authorized by section 19(b) of the Act of July 7, 1958 (72 Stat. 336), uniforms, or allowances therefor, as authorized by the Act of September 1, 1954, as amended (5 U.S.C. 2131), and for printing, either during a recess or session of Congress, of survey reports authorized by law, and such survey reports as may be printed during a recess of Congress shall be printed, with illustrations, as documents of the next succeeding session of Congress; and during the current fiscal year the revolving fund. Corps of Engineers, shall be available for purchase (not to exceed one hundred and sixty-six, of which one hundred and forty-eight shall be for replacement only) and hire of passenger motor vehicles. TITLE II—DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR BUREAU OF RECLAMATION

For carrying out the functions of the Bureau of Reclamation as provided in the Federal reclamation laws (Act of June 17, 1902, 32 43 USC 371 note. Stat. 388, and Acts amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto) and other Acts applicable to that Bureau, as follows: