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[75 Stat. 37]
[75 Stat. 37]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

76 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 8 7, U - M A R. 31, 1961

Southwestern Power Administration: "Operation and maintenance", $19,000; Bureau of Indian Affairs: "General administrative expenses"', $228,000; "Liquidation of Klamath and Menominee Agencies", $2,000; Bureau of Reclamation: "General investigations", $255,000, to remain available until expended; "Operation and maintenance", $548,000; "General administrative expenses", $282,000; Geological Survey: "Surveys, investigations, and research", $2,006,000; Bureau of Mines: "Conservation and development of mineral resources", $1,002,000; "Health and safety", $325,000; "General administrative expenses", $83,000; National P a r k Service: "General administrative expenses", $96,000; Fish and Wildlife Service: Office of the Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife: "Salaries and expenses", $22,000; Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife: "General administratiA^e expenses", $66,000; Bureau of Commercial Fisheries: "Management and investigations of resources", $235,000; "General administrative expenses", $24,000; "Administration of Pribilof Islands", $29,000; Office of Territories: "Administration of territories", $46,000; Office of the Secretary: "Salaries and expenses", $175,000; THE JUDICIARY

Supreme Court of the United States: "Salaries", $70,000; "Automobile for the Chief Justice", $223; Court of Customs and Patent Appeals: "Salaries and expenses", $14,300; Customs Court: "Salaries and expenses", $41,240; Court of Claims: "Salaries and expenses", $28,600; Courts of appeals, district courts, and other judicial services: "Salaries of supporting personnel", $1,666,000; "Administrative Office of the United States Courts", $74,860; DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE

Legal activities and general administration: "Salaries and expenses, general administration", $231,000; "Salaries and expenses, general legal activities", $800,000; "Salaries and expenses. Antitrust Division", $314,000; "Salaries and expenses, United States attorneys and marshals", $873,000; Federal Bureau of Investigation: "Salaries and expenses", $7,550,000; Immigration and Naturalization Service: "Salaries and expenses", $3,487,000; Federal Prison System: Federal Prison Industries, Incorporated: "Limitation on administrative and vocational training expenses" (increase of $34,000 in the limitation on administrative expenses and $64,000 in the limitation on vocational training expenses);