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[75 Stat. 749]
[75 Stat. 749]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



PUBLIC LAW 87-334-OCT. 3, 1961


Public Law 87-334 AN ACT To provide for the withdrawal from the public domain of certain lands in the Granite Creek area, Alaska, for use by the Department of the Army at Fort Greely, Alaska, and for other purposes.

October 3, 1961 [H. R. 2279]

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That subject to Alaska. valid existing rights the public lands aggregating approximately fifty-one thousand five hundred and ninety acres of land in the Lands. Granite Creek area, Alaska, as more fully described in application (serial number Fairbanks 012203) from the Department of the Army to the Department of the Interior and set forth in the Federal Register of December 13, 1955, page 9313 (Federal Register document 5510007; filed, December 12, 1955; 8:52 antemeridian), however excepting therefrom that portion of west one-half of section 26, township 12 south, range 10 east Fairbanks meridian lying east of the Richardson Highway, are hereby withdrawn from all forms of appropriation under the public land laws including the mining and mineral leasing laws and disposals of materials under the Act of July 31, 1947, as amended (61 Stat. 681; 30 U.S.C. 601-604), and reserved for the use of the Department of the Army as a testing and maneuver area for a period of ten years or, if extended by the Secretary of the Interior for a period of fifteen years, or for any shorter period as may be determined by the Secretary of the Army upon notice to the Secretary of the Interior. (b) The Secretary of the Interior may, with the concurrence of the ulfi'^^r'aii^^'siSecretary of the Army, authorize use or disposition of any of the tioiTauthorityr*"" lands or resources withdrawn and reserved by subsection (a) of this section. Hunting, fishing, (c) To the extent that the Secretary of the Army determines it to be etc. consistent with military requirements and the public safety: (1) the lands withdrawn and reserved by this Act, or selected portions thereof, shall be open during legally established seasons for hunting, fishing, and trapping, and military operations affecting the same shall be suspended during such periods and (2) access across the landSj or selected portions thereof, shall be permitted to public hunting, fishing, and trapping areas. Saf (d) Upon request of the Secretary of the Interior at the time of sions. e t y p r o v i the final termination of the reservation effected by this Act, the Department of the Army shall make safe for nonmilitary uses the land withdrawn and reserved, or such portions thereof as may be specified by the Secretary of the Interior, by neutralizing unexploded ammunition, bombs, artillery projectiles, or other expfosive objects and chemical agents. Thereafter the Secretary of the Interior pursuant to law shall provide for the appropriate use or disposition of all or any part of the land withdrawn and reserved under provisions of this Act. Nothing in this subsection, however, shall be construed to prevent the Secretary of the Army at that time from making application for further withdrawal and reservation of all or part of said lands under laws and regulations then existing. Approved October 3, 1961.