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[76 Stat. 1645]
[76 Stat. 1645]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1962



Page Page Montana: 90 I n t e r s t a t e compact with North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming, time extension for negotiations 71 Sun River project, Fort Shaw Division, reclassification of land; modifica1118 tion of repayment contract 93 696 Montgomery County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Calif., land conveyance by Department of 311 the Army 439 1482 155, Mother's Day, 1962, proclamation 156 Motor Vehicles: District of Columbia— 155 Learners' permits, fee increase 710 Metropolitan Police Department, 440 personal property in custody of, disposition 591 440 Operators' permits, restoration f e e s.. 742 District of Columbia Motor Vehicle 325 Parking Facility Act of 1942, 55 amendments, use of moneys collected under 18 Excise tax rate, extension 114 59, 60 Exhausts, air pollution studies .. 760 National Register of Revoked Motor 1183 Vehicle Operators' Licenses, appropriation for 1094 ,1506 Purchase or hire for Government use; ^ elimination of detailed estimate in 253 annual budget 775 "Motor Vehicles, Air Pollution and Health", printing as House docu1184 ment, additional copies 1422 Mount Shasta, Calif., land conveyance 110 1184 Muscatine Bridge Commission, Iowa, annual audit; report 59, 60 1189 Mutual Defense Assistance Control Act of 1951, appropriation for effecting provisions 1163 Mutual Educational and Cultural Ex85 change Act of 1961: Amendments— Expositions abroad 263 58 Personnel in supergrades under 865 1187 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 1084 Special international exhibitions, appropriation for expenses 1104, 1105 1420 Mutual Security Act of 1954, refugee and migration needs, transfer of funds for; repeal of certain provisions 122, 124

Minidoka Irrigation District, Idaho, amend a to r y contracts, authorization. Minnesota: Superior National Forest, appropriation for acquisition of land; land exchange 347, Wetlands, limitation on assistance for drainage Mint, Bureau of the: Appropriation for Mint and assay offices— Repeal of certain obsolete provisions. San Francisco office, designation as assay office One-cent pieces, elimination of tin in alloy of Uncirculated coins, use of proceeds from sales to reimburse expenses Missiles, Aircraft, Naval Vessels: Appropriation for Procurement authorization Mississippi: Arkansas-Mississippi Bridge Commission, annual audit; report Pascagoula River Basin, flood control projects, authorization Proclamation relating to obstructions of justice in State Southern Interstate Nuclear Compact, eligibihty £. _ Will M. Whittington Auxiliary Channel, Yazoo River Basin, designation Mississippi River Basin, Lower, - flood control projects, authorization Mississippi River Basin, Upper, flood control projects, authorization Missouri, District Courts, Western District, transfer of certain counties from Western Division to St. Joseph Division Missouri River Basin: Angostura Irrigation District, maintenance charges, deferment Flood control projects, authorization... Molybdenum, disposal under Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act, congressional approval Monetary Fund, International: Acquisition of certain property in District of Columbia for headquarters expansion Appropriation for United States loans; currencies or gold purchases Monofilament Gill Fish Nets, duty-free importation

222 1168


105 Narcotics, Bureau of, appropriation for... National Advisory Committee, appoint808 ment by Secretary of Labor

311 28