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[76 Stat. 916]
[76 Stat. 916]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1962



[76 STAT.


SEC. 9. Whenever a recipient has been found by the Commissioners to be incapable of taking care of himself, his property, or his money, and a person has been judicially appointed as legal representative, or a responsible person has been appointed by the Commissioners, on behalf of such incapacitated individual for the purpose of receiving and managing such individual's public assistance payments (whether or not he is such individual's legal representative for other purposes), public assistance payments may be made on behalf of such individual to such judicially appointed legal representative, or to such responsible person appointed by the Commissioners. EMERGENCY PUBLIC


SEC. 10. The Commissioners may grant emergency public assistance pending completion of investigation when eligibility has been established pursuant to section 4 of this Act: Provided, That such emergency assistance shall not be granted in any case for a period exceeding thirty days. REDETERMINATION


SEC. 11. All public assistance grants made under this Act shall be reconsidered by the Commissioners as frequently as they may deem necessary, but in every case the Commissioners shall make such reconsiderations at least once in each year. After such further investigation as the Commissioners may deem necessary, the amount of public assistance may be changed, or may be entirely withdrawn, if the Commissioners find that any such grant has been made erroneously, or if they find that the recipient's circumstances have altered sufficiently to warrant such action. If at any time during the continuance of public assistance the recipient thereof becomes possessed of income or resources in excess of the amount previously reported by him, or if other changes should occur in the circumstances previously reported by him which would alter either his need or his eligibility, it shall be his duty to notify the Commissioners of such fact immediately on the receipt or possession of such additional income or resources, or on the change of circumstances. RECORDS

65 Stat. 569.

SEC. 12. (a) The Commissioners are directed to prescribe regulations governing the custody, use, and preservation of the records, papers, files, and communications of the Commissioners relating to public assistance. Except as herein otherwise provided, such regulations shall provide safeguards restricting the use or disclosure of information concerning applicants for, or recipients of, public assistance to purposes directly connected with the administration of public assistance. The Commissioners are authorized in their discretion to include in such regulations provision for the public to have access to the records of disbursement or payment of public assistance made after the effective date of this Act. (b) No person who obtains information by virtue of any regulation made pursuant to subsection (a) of this section shall use such information for commercial or political purposes. (c) This section and section 13 of this Act shall be construed as State legislation conforming to the requirements of section 618 of the Revenue Act of 1951 (Public Law 183, Eighty-second Congress).