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[76 Stat. 930]
[76 Stat. 930]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1962


PUBLIC LAW 87-817-OCT. 15, 1962

[76 STAT.


SEC. 2. A majority of the persons named in the first section of this Act are authorized to complete the organization of the corporation by the selection of officers and employees, the adoption of a constitution and bylaws not inconsistent with this Act, and the doing of such other acts as may be necessary for such purpose. PURPOSES OF THE CORPORATION

SEC. 3. The purposes of the corporation shall be to— (1) serve as a coordinating, research and educational agency and clearinghouse for symphony orchestras in order to help strengthen the work in their local communities; (2) assist in the formation of new symphony orchestras; (3) thrpugh suitable means, encourage and recognize the work of America's musicians, conductors, and composers; and (4) aid the expansion of the musical and cultural life of the United States through suitable educational and service activities. CORPORATE POWERS

SEC. 4. The corporation shall have power— (1) to have succession by its corporate name; (2) to sue and be sued, complain and defend in any court of competent jurisdiction; (3) to adopt, use, and alter a corporate seal; (4) to choose such officers, managers, agents, and employees as the bu siness of the corporation may require; (5) to adopt, amend, and alter a constitution and bylaws, not inconsistent with the laws of the United States or any State in which the corporation is to operate, for the management of its property and the regulation of its affairs; (6) to contract and be contracted with; (7) to take by lease, gift, purchase, grant, devise, or bequest from any private corporation, association, partnership, firm, or individual and to hold any property, real, personal, or mixed, necessary or convenient for attaining the objects and carrying into effect the purposes of the corporation, subject, however, to applicable provisions of law of any State (A) governing the amount or kind of property which may be held by, or (B) otherwise limiting or controlling the ownership of property by, a corporation operating in such State; (8) to transfer, convey, lease, sublease, encumber, and otherwise alienate real, personal, or mixed property; and (9) to borrow money for the purposes of the corporation, issue bonds therefor, and secure the same by mortgage, deed of trust, pledge, or otherwise, subject in every case to all applicable provisions of Federal and State laws. PRINCIPAL OFFICE; SCOPE OF ACTIVITIES; DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA AGENT

SEC. 5. (a) The principal office of the corporation shall be located in Charleston, West Virginia, or in such other place as may be later determined by the board of directors, but the activities of the corporation shall not be confined to that place, but may be conducted throughout the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the territories and possessions of the United States. (b) The corporation shall have in the District of Columbia at all times a designated agent authorized to accept service of process for