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-19The request for review and revision or adjustment shall be submitted and adjudicated in accordance with the regularly established appeals procedure of the department. § 152. Same; Board of Appeals; duties There shall be, in conformity with this subchapter, and as pre scribed by regulations promulgated by the President or his designee, a Canal Zone Board of Appeals. The regulations shall provide for, in accordance with this subchapter, the number of members of the Board, and their appointment, compensation, and terms of office, the selection of a Chairman of the Board, and the appointment and compensation of the Board's employees, and for other relevant and appropriate matters. The Board shall review and determine the appeals of employees in accordance with section 153 of this title, and its decisions shall conform with the provisions of this subchapter. § 153. Same; appeals to Board; procedure; finality of decisions (a) An employee may appeal to the Canal Zone Board of Appeals from an adverse determination made under section 151 of this title. The appeal shall be made in writing within a reasonable time, as prescribed in regulations promulgated by, or under the authority of, the President, after the date of the transmittal by the department to the employee of written notice of the adverse determination. (b) The Board may authorize, in connection with an appeal pursuant to subsection (a) of this section, a personal appearance before the Board by the employee, or by his representative designated for the purpose. (c) After investigation and consideration of the evidence submitted, the Board shall: (1) prepare a written decision on the appeal; (2) transmit its decision to the department concerned; and (3) transmit copies of the decision to the employee concerned or to his designated representative. (d) The decision of the Board on any question or other matter relating to an appeal is final and conclusive. The department concerned shall take action in accordance with the decision of the Board. § 154. Participation in training programs Training programs established by a department shall be applied uniformly to each employee irrespective of whether he is a citizen of the United States or the Republic of Panama. Employees who are citizens of the Republic of Panama shall be afforded opportunity to participate in training programs on the same basis as that upon which opportunity to participate therein is afforded to employees who are citizens of the United States. § 155. Administration by President; regulations; delegation of authority (a) The President shall coordinate the policies and activities of the respective departments under this subchapter, and may promulgate regulations necessary and appropriate to carry out the provisions and accomplish the purposes of this subchapter. _(b) The President may delegate any authority vested in him by this subchapter, and may provide for the redelegation of any such authority.