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-28(e) Capital investment for interest purposes shall not include any interest during construction. CHAPTER 19—PUBLIC WRITINGS AND RECORDS Sec.

451. 452. 453. 471. 472.

Inspection by persons having legitimate interest; judicial records. Public officers must give copies. Removal of public records. Declaration and findings. Construction, maintenance, and operation of bridge.

§ 451. Inspection by persons having legitimate interest; judicial records (a) Except as otherwise provided by subsection (b) of this section, section 271(b) of Title 3, or any other law, every person, who has a legitimate interest therein, has the right to inspect and take a copy of any public writing or record of the Canal Zone. (b) Attorneys admitted to practice in the Canal Zone and other officers of the court may examine judicial records without the necessity for showing a legitimate interest therein. § 452. Public officers must give copies Every public officer having the custody of a public writing or record that a person has a right to inspect pursuant to section 451 of this title must give him, on demand, a certified copy of it, on payment of the legal fees therefor. § 453. Removal of public records The record of a conveyance of real property, or any other record, a transcript of which is admissible in evidence, must not be removed from the office where it is kept, except upon the order of a court, in cases where the inspection or the record is shown to be essential to the just determination of the cause of proceeding pending, or where the court is held in the same building with such office. CHAPTER 21—BRIDGES § 471. Declaration and findings I t is declared that: (1) the United States is obligated under the terms of point 4 of the General Relations Agreement between the United States and the Republic of Panama, effected by an exchange of notes signed at Washington on May 18, 1942 (Executive Agreement Series Numbered 452), to construct a tunnel under, or a bridge over, the Panama Canal at Balboa; (2) a high-level bridge at that point would be more desirable than a tunnel; (3) the Panama Canal Company should administer the construction, maintenance, and operation of the bridge and the approaches thereto; and (4) the expenses of construction, maintenance, and operation of the bridge and the approaches thereto should be treated as extraordinary expenses incurred through a direction based on national policy and not related to the operations of the Panama Canal Company. § 472. Construction, maintenance, and operation of bridge The Panama Canal Company shall construct, maintain, and operate a high-level bridge, including approaches, over the Panama Canal at Balboa, Canal Zone.