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-40§ 1139. Investment of money-order and postal-savings funds in securities of United States (a) The Governor may: (1) invest any of the funds specified by sections 1137 and 1138 of this title in securities of the United States; (2) deposit the securities with the Treasurer of the United States for safekeeping; and (3) sell any of the securities when the sale is necessary or desirable in the interest of the postal service. (b) Before making purchases or sales of securities, the Governor shall request the advice of the Secretary of the Treasury. § 1140. Interest and profits on money-order and postal-savings funds The interest and profits received from the deposit in banks or the investment, as provided by this chapter, of money-order and postalsavings fund form a part of the Canal Zone postal revenues. § 1141. Application of chapter to prior deposit money orders The provisions of this chapter relating to postal-savings certificates and the funds received therefrom apply equally to money orders issued in lieu of postal-savings certificates prior to August 12, 1940, and to the funds received therefrom. § 1142. Money orders unpaid after twenty years Money orders issued by the Canal Zone postal service may not be paid after 20 years from the last day of the month of original issue. Claims for unpaid money orders are forever barred unless received by the Canal Zone postal service within the 20-year period. Funds accrued because of money orders remaining unpaid shall be treated as revenues of the Canal Zone postal service. The records of the service shall serve as the basis for adjudicating claims for payment of money orders. § 1143. Payment of revenues into Treasury Revenues from operation of the Canal Zone postal service shall be paid into miscellaneous receipts of the United States Treasury. CHAPTER 75—PROFESSIONS AND OCCUPATIONS SUBCHAPTER I—^ABCHITEOTB AND BNQINEEBS

See. 1171. Practice of architecture and engineering as subject to regulation. 1172. Regulations authorized. 1173. Investigations; subpoenas; witness fees. 1174. Injunctions to restrain violations. 1175. Penalties for violation of regulations. SUBCHAPTER H — H B A U N O ABT

1191. Regulations as to practice of healing art. 1192. Penalties for violation. Subchapter I—Architects and Engineers § 1171. Practice of architecture and engineering as subject to regulation To safeguard life, health, and property and to promote the public welfare, the practice of architecture and engineering in the Canal Zone is subject to regulation in the public interest. It is further a matter of public interest and concern that the professions of architecture and engineering merit and receive the confidence of the public and that only qualified persons be permitted to engage in the practice of architecture and engineering.