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-88§ 343. Premature determination of precedent interest as affecting future interest A future interest, valid in its creation, is not defeated by the determination of the precedent interest before the happening of the contingency on which the future interest is limited to take effect; but if the contingency afterwards happens, the future interest takes effect in the same manner and to the same extent as if the precedent interest had continued to the same period. CHAPTER 17—GENERAL DEFINITIONS AFFECTING PROPERTY Sec. 371. Definition of income. 372. Time of creation of limitation, condition, or interest. § 371. Definition of income The income of property, as the term is used in chapters 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15 of this title, includes the rents and profits of real property, the interest on money, dividends upon stock, and other produce of personal property. § 372. Time of creation of limitation, condition, or interest The delivery of the grant, where a limitation, condition, or future interest is created by grant, and the death of the testator, where it is created by will, is the time of the creation of the limitation, condition, or interest within the meaning of chapters 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15 of this title.



Sea 401. Law governing. 421. 422. 423. 424. 425.


Definition. Transfer and survivorship. Survival of thing in action after death of tort feasor or other person liable. Survival of thing In action after death of person injured. Transfer or assignment of actions under sections 423 and 424. SUBOHAPTEB HI—^PBODUOTS OF THE HIND

441. 442. 443. 444. 445. 446.

Ownership; composition in letters or art; Invention or design. Joint ownership. Transfer of ownership. Effect of publication or making public. Subsequent and original inventors. Private writings. SUBCHAPTER IV—^PATENTS, TRADEUABK8 AND COPTRIOHTB

471. Laws extended to the CSanal Zone. Subchapter I—General Provisions § 401. Law governing If there is no law to the contrary in the place where personal property is situated, the property follows the person of its owner, and is governed by the law of his domicile. Subchapter II—Things in Action § 421. Definition A thing in action is a right to recover money or other personal property by a judicial proceeding.