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-102(c) To an affidavit subscribed and sworn to before such an officer there shall be attached a jurat substantially in the following form: Subscribed and sworn to before me this day of , 19_ ^ Signature of officer and serial nnmber, rank, branch of service and capacity in whicli signed. (d) The recitals contained in such a certificate or jurat are prima facie evidence of the truth thereof, and a certificate of acknowledgment, oath or affirmation purporting to have been made by a commissioned officer of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard, notwithstanding the omission of any specific recitals therein, constitutes presumptive evidence of the existence of the facts necessary to authorize the acknowledgment, oath or affirmation to be taken by the certifying officer pursuant to this section. § 726. Requisites for acknowledgment The acknowledgment of an instrument may not be taken unless the officer taking it knows or has satisfactory evidence on the oath or affirmation of a credible witness that the person making the acknowledgment is the individual who is described in and who executed the instrument; or if executed by a corporation that the person making the acknowledgment is the president or secretary of the corporation, or other person who executed it on its behalf. § 727. Certificate of acknowledgment An officer taking the acknowledgment of an instrument shall indorse thereon or attach thereto a certificate substantially in the forms prescribed by sections 728-732 of this title. § 728. General form of certificate (a) Unless it is otherwise provided in this chapter, the certificate of acknowledgment shall be substantially in the following form: UNITED STATES or AMERICA,

Canal Zone, 8s: On this day of , in the year , before me (here insert name and quality of the officer), personally appeared , known to me (or proved to me on the oath of ) to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument, and acknowledged that he (she or they) executed the same. (b) An acknowledgment taken without the Canal Zone in accordance with the laws oi the place where the acknowledgment is made is sufficient in the Canal Zone. The certificate of the clerk of a court of record of the county or district where the acknowledgment is taken, that the officer certifying to it is authorized by law so to do, and that the signature of the officer to the certificate is his true and genuine signature, and that the acknowledgment is taken in accordance with the laws of the place where the same is made, is prima facie evidence of the facts stated in the certificate of the clerk.