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8ec. 781. Obligation defined. 782. Creation and enforcement. SUBCHAPTER II—INTERPRETATION OF OBLIGATIONB

811. 821. 822. 823. 831. 832. 833. 834. 835. 836. 837. 838. 839. 861. 852. 853. 854.

Article A—General Rules of Interpretation General rules of interpretation. Article B—Joint or Several Obligations Clnssification of obligations. Presumption of Joint obligation. Contribution between joint parties. Article C—Conditional Obligations Conditional obligation defined. Kinds of conditions. Conditions precedent Conditions concurrent. Conditions subsequent. Performance of conditions necessary. Performance excused. Impossible or unlawful conditions. Construction of conditions inyolTing forfeiture. Article D—Alternative Obligations Right of selection. Loss of right of selection. Indivisibility of alternatives. Nullity of alternatives. SUBCHAPTER UI—^TRANSFER OF OBLIGATIONS

871. Transfer of burden of obligation. 872. Transfer of rights arising from obligation. 873. Indorsement of nonnegotiable instrument. SUBCHAPTER IV—EXTINCTION OF OBUQATIUNS

Article A—Performance 881. Extinction by performance. 892. Performance by a joint debtor. 893. Performance to a Joint creditor. 894. Performance as directed by creditor. 895. Partial performance. 896. Payment defined. 897. Performance applicable to more than one obligation. Article B—Offer of Performance 911. Extinction by offer. 912. Offer of partial performance. 913. Person required to make offer. 914. Person to whom offer may be made; place of offer. 915. Place of offer. 916. Time of offer. 917. Offer of compensation for delay. 918. Good faith of offer. 919. Conditional offer. 920. Ability and willingness to perform. 921. Production of thing to be delivered. 922. Separation of thing offered. 923. Offer dependent upon performance of condition. 924. Written receipt 925. Bxtinction of pecuniary obligation by offer, deposit, and notice. 926. Objections to mode of offer. 927. Title to thing offered. 928. Custody of thing offered. 929. Effect of offer on interest and incidents of obligation. 930. Retention of thing offered and refused. Article C—Prevention of Performance or Offer 941. Causes excusing performance or offer. 942. Performance prevented by creditor. 943. Performance prevented by cause excusing i t 944. Refusal to accept performance before offer.