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-154§ 1656. Delivery of thing owned jointly, etc. If a thing deposited is owned jointly or in common by persons who cannot agree upon the manner of its delivery, the depositary may deliver to each nis proper share thereof, if it can be done without injury to the thing. § 1657. Delivery of joint deposits If a deposit is made in the name of two or more persons deliverable or payable to either or to their survivor or survivors, the deposit or any part thereof, or increase thereof, may be delivered or paid to either of the persons or to the survivor or survivors in due course of business.


See. 1691. 1692. 1693. 1694. 1(59.^. 1696. 1697. 1698.


ludeuiniflcation of depositary. Obligation of depositary of animals. Use of thing deposited. Liability for damage arising from wrongful use. Sale of tiling in danger of perishing. Injury to or loss of thing deposited. Services by depositary. Liability of depositary. •


1721. 1722. 1723. 1724.



Gratuitous deposit defined. i „.* v.. Nature of involuntary deposit. " '* «> • Degree of care required. Termination of duties of depositary. SUBCHAPTER

1741. 1742. 1743. 1744. 1745. 1746.

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Deposit for hire. Degree of care required. Compensation for fraction of weeli or month. Termination of deposit. Depositary's lien. Sale to satisfy iien. SUUCHAPl'ER IV — W A R E H O U S E HECE1PTS

Article A—The Issue of Warehouse Receipts 1771. 1772. 1773. 1774. 1775. 1776. 1777.

Persons who may issue receipts. Form of receipts; essential terms. Form of receipts; what terms may be inserted. Definition of nonnegotiable receipt. Definition of negotiable receipt. Duplicate receipts must be so marked. Failure to mark "not negotiable".

Article B—Obligations and Rights of Warehousemen Upon Their Receipts 1781. 1782. 1783. 1784. 1785. 1786. 1787. 1788. 1789. 1790. 1791. 1792. 1793. 1794.

Obligation of warehouseman to deliver. Justification of warehouseman in delivering. Warehouseman's liability for misdelivery. Negotiable receipts must be cancelled when goods delivered. Negotiable receipts must be cancelled or marked when part of goods delivered. Altered receipts. Lost or destroyed receipts. Effect of duplicate receipts. Warehouseman cannot set up title in himself. Interpleader of adverse claimants. Warehouseman has reasonable time to determine validity of claims. Adverse title is no defense except as above provided. .;,„,_oi^. Liability for nonexistence or misdescription of goods. Liability for care of goods.