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-187to the place of address or connected with those who thus carry, and his liability ceases upon making such a delivery. § 2626. Proof in case of loss If freiglit addressed to a place beyond the usual route of the common carrier who first received it is lost or injured, he shall, within a reasonable time after demand, give satisfactory proof to the consignor, that the loss or injury did not occur while it was in his charge, or he will be himself liable therefor. § 2627. Services other than carriage and delivery I n respect of any service rendered about freight by a common carrier, other than its carriage and delivery, his rights and obligations are defined by chapters 49-53 of this title, relating to deposit, and chapters 59-63 of this title, relating to service.



2661. 2662. 2663. 2664. 2665. 2666.

Agent and agency defined. Capacity to appoint or be agent. General or special agents. Actual or ostensible agency. Actual agency defined. Ostensible agency defined. SUBCHAPTER II—AUTHORITY OF AGENTS

2691. 2692. 2693. 2694. 2695. 2696. 2697. 2698. 2699. 2700. 2701. 2702. 2703. 2704. 2705. 2706. 2707. 2708. 2709. 2710. 2711. 2712.

Scope of authority. Performance of acts required of principal by this title. Defrauding principal. Creation of agency. Consideration unnecessary. Oral or written authorizations. Ratification of part of transaction. Ratification of agent's a c t When ratification void. Third persons; effect of ratification. Rescission of ratification. Measure of agent's authority. Actual authority defined. Ostensible authority defined. Agent's authority as to persons having notice of restrictions. Necessary authority. Power to disobey instructions. Authority given in general and specific terms. Exceptions to general authority. Authority to sell personal property. Authority of general agent to receive price. Authority of special agent to receive price.


2731. 2732. 2733. 2734. 2735. 2736. 2737. 2738. 2739.

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Principal's rights and liabilities from agent's acts. Incomplete execution of authority. Notice to principal or agent. Obligation of principal when agent exceeds authority. Acts under ostensible authority. Exclusive credit to agent. Person dealing with agent without knowledge of agency. Instrument intended to bind principal. Principal's responsibility for agent's negligence, wrongful act, or omission. 2740. Responsibility for agent's other wronga