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-230(4) index the book referred to in paragraph (3) of this subsection under the names of both mortgagor and mortgagee, (b) For filing and entering a mortgage of personal property or copy thereof, or an assignment of such a mortgage, the registrar shall be entitled to a fee of $1. § 4156. Filing assignment of mortgage; notice An assignment of a mortgage of personal property may be filed in like manner as a mortgage of personal property, and each filing operates as notice to all persons subsequently deriving title to the mortgage from the assignor. When a mortgage of personal property is executed as security for money due, or to become due, on a promissory note, bond, or other instrument d e s i ^ a t e d in the mortgage, the filing of the assignment of the mortgage is not, of itself, notice to a mortgagor, his heirs, or personal representatives, so as to invalidate any payment made by them, or either of them, to the person holding the note, bond, or other instrument. § 4157. Removal of mortgaged property from Canal Zone A mortgagor may not remove or permit the removal of mortgaged property from the Canal Zone without the written consent of the mortgagee. § 4158. Foreclosure of mortgage; manner A mortgagee of personal property, when the debt to secure which the mortgaye was executed becomes due, may foreclose the mortgagor's right of redemption by a sale of the property, made in the manner and upon the notice prescribed by chapter 101 of this title, or by proceedings pursuant to sections 1731-1734 of Title 5. § 4159. Attachment or execution upon mortgaged property Personal property mortgaged may be taken under attachment or execution issued at the snit of a creditor of the mortgagor in the manner provided by section 569 of Title 5. § 4160. Inapplicability of sections 4154-4157 to certain ships and aircraft Sections 4154-4157 of this title do not apply to any mortgage of a ship or part of a ship under the flag of the United States, nor to any mortgage of an aircraft, or part thereof, licensed or registered under llie laws of the United States. § 4161. Continuance of lien of mortgage on crops The lien of a mortgage on a growing crop continues on the crop after severance, whether remaining in its original state or converted into another product, as long as the same remains on the land. { 4162. Validity of certain mortgages $ Mortgages of personal property, other than that upon which mortgages are authorized to be made by section 4151 of this title, and mortgages not made in conformity with this subchapter, are nevertheless valid between the parties, their heirs, legatees, and personal representatives, and persons who, before parting with value, have actual notice thereof. § 4163. Discharge of mortgage of personal property Upon the payment or satisfaction of a mortgage of personal property, the mortgagee, his assignee, or legal representative, upon the request of the mortgagor or of any person interested in the mortgaged property, must execute, acknowledge, and deliver to the person requesting it a certificate setting forth the payment or satisfaction. If the mortgagee, his assignee, or legal representative refuses to execute, acknowledge, and deliver to the mortgagor or other person interested