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4430. Notice to deceased party. 4431. Notice to partners. 4432. Notice to persons jointly liable. 4433. Notice to bankrupt. 4434. Time within which notice must be given. 4435. Time where parties reside in same place. 4436. Time where parties reside in different places. 4437. Due notice; miscarriage in mails. 4438. Deposit in post office defined. 4439. Notice to antecedent party; time. 4440. Place where notice must be sent. 4441. Waiver of notice. 4442. Waiver of notice; persons affected by waiver. 4443. Waiver of protest. 4444. Dispensing with notice. 4445. Delay; excuse. 4446. Notice to drawer; when dispensed with. 4447. Notice to indorser; when dispensed with. 4448. Notice of nonpayment where acceptance refused. 4449. Omission to give notice of nonacceptance; effect. 4450. Protest; when necessary; when unnecessary. Article H—Discharge of Negotiable Instruments 4461. 4462. 4463. 4464. 4465. 4466. 4467.

Methods of discharge. Persons secondarily liable; discharge. Rights of parties secondarily liable who pay instruments. Renunciation by holder. Unintentional cancellation; burden of proof. Material alteration; effect. Material alteration defined. BUBCHAFTEB U.—BILLS OF BZCHANGE

Article A—Form and Interpretation 4471. 4472. 4473. 4474. 4475. 4476.

Bill of exchange defined. Bill not an assignment of funds in hands of drawee. Bill addressed to two or more drawees. Inland and foreign bills defined. Treatment of bill as promissory note. Referee in case of need. Article B—Acceptance

4481. 4482. 4483. 4484. 4485. 4486. 4487. 4488. 4489. 4490. 4491.

Acceptance; definition; method of making. Holder entitled to acceptance on face of bill. Acceptance by separate instrument Promise to accept; equivalent to acceptance. Time allowed drawee to accept Liability of drawee retaining or destroying bill. Acceptance of incomplete bill. Kinds of acceptance. General acceptance. Qualified acceptance. Qualified acceptance; rights of parties. Article C—Presentment for Acceptance

4501. 4502. 4503. 4504. 4505. 4506. 4507. 4508. 4509.

Necessity of making presentm^it for acceptance. Failure to present as releasing drawer and indorsers. Time for making; persons to whom made. Days on which presentment may be made. Insufficient time. Excuse. Dishonor by nonacceptance. Duty of holder on nonacceptance. Rights of holder on nonacceptance.