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-360§ 1652. Payment of charges Payment of charges by or on behalf of patients hospitalized or transported pursuant to this chapter shall be in accordance with the rates prescribed by applicable law. § 1653. Receiving members of Armed Forces and Public Health Service beneficiaries The head of a hospital may receive and detain as patients mentally ill members of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, and beneficiaries of the Unitea States Public Health Service, for observation and care pending their transfer to the United States, upon the order of the official in charge of the respective service in the Canal Zone. § 1654. Additional powers of health director In addition to the specific authority granted by other provisions of this chapter, the health director may prescribe the form of application, records, reports, and medical certificates provided for under this chapter and the information required to be contained therein, and adopt such rules and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter as he finds to be reasonably necessary for proper and efficient hospitalization of the mentally ill. § 1655. Powers of magistrates in absence of district judge During the absence of the district judge, the powers conferred upon him and the jurisdiction conferred upon the district court by this chapter may be exercised by a magistrate or a magistrate's court. § 1656. Unwarranted commitments; penalties Whoever causes, or attempts to cause, or conspires with another person to cause an individual to be committed under section 1637 of this title, knowing or having reasonable grounds for believing that the individual is not mentally ill, and in need of hospitalization, shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned in the penitentiary not more than 10 years, or both. CHAPTER 59—PROPERTY ACTIONS SUItCllAPTEU I—I'liOPEUTY ACTIONS GENERALLY; CONFLICTING CLAIMS

Sec. 1691. 1692. 1693. 1694. 1695. 1696. 1697. 1698. 1699. 1700. 1701. 1702. 1703. 1704.

Action to quiet title to real aud personal property. Costs. Recovery of property; termination of plaintiff's right pending action. Value of improvements as set-off. Mortgage not a conveyance. Injunction against injury during foreclosure or after execution sale. Damages for injury after execution sale. Alienation of real property pending action. Joinder of defendants; writ of possession. Tenants in common, etc., as parties. Description of real property in pleadings. Verdict in action to recover personal property. Judgment in action to recover personal property. .Application of chapter to magistrates' courts. SUnCHAPTER II—MORTGAGE FORECLOSt UE

1731. 1732. 1733. 1734.

Foreclosure of mortgages on real and personal projierty. Disposition of surplus. Debt becoming due at different times. Commissioner's oath, bond, report, and compensation. SUBCHAPTER HI—NUISANCE AND WASTE

1761. Abatement of nuisance; damages. 1762. Actions for waste; treble damages.