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-418Subchapter VI—Miscellaneous Provisions § 131. Arrest only for offenses declared in Code; exceptions A person may not be arrested for an offense unless the offense is expressly declared in this Code, except for: (1) offenses against laws of the United States applicable to the Canal Zone; (2) offenses against laws hereafter enacted by the Congress of the United States for the Canal Zone; and (3) violations of rules and regulations authorized by law to be promulgated and for the violation of which punishment is prescribed by law. § 132. Civil liability for offenses; effect of this title The omission to specify or affirm in this title any liability to damages, penalty, forfeiture, or other remedy imposed by law, and allowed to be recovered or enforced in a civil action or proceeding, for any act or omission declared punishable herein, does not affect any right to recover or enforce it. § 133. Forfeiture of property upon conviction Except in a case in which a forfeiture is expressly imposed by law, a conviction of a person for an offense does not work a forfeiture of property. § 134. Forfeiture of public office upon conviction The omission to specify or affirm in this title a ground of forfeiture of a public office, or other trust or special authority conferred by law, or a power conferred by law to impeach, remove, depose, or suspend a public officer or other person holding a trust, appointment or other special authority conferred by law, does not affect the forfeiture or power, or a proceeding authorized by law to carry into effect his impeachment, removal, deposition, or suspension. § 135. Evaluation of property in determining grade of offense When in this title the character or grade of an offense or its punishment is made to depend upon the value of the property, the value shall be estimated exclusively in lawful money of the United States. § 136. Preservation of powers of courts-martial and others This title does not affect any power which is conferred by law upon a court-martial, military authority or other officer, or upon a public body, tribunal, or officer, to impose or inflict punishment upon offenders. § 137. Offenses involving sending of letters I n the various cases in which the sending of a letter is made criminal by this title, the offense is deemed complete from the time when the letter is deposited in a post office or other place, or delivered to a person, with intent that it shall be forwarded or delivered.


171. 172. 173. 174.

Acts with intent to produce miscarriage. Soliciting or submitting to use of abortifacient. Advertisements relating to abortion or contraception. Corroboration of testimony of woman.

§ 171. Acts with intent to produce miscarriage Whoever, with intent thereby to procure the miscarriage of a woman, unless the miscarriage is necessary to preserve the life of the woman: