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-421§ 237. Injury to person by vicious animal Whoever, being the owner of a ferocious, vicious or mischievous animal and knowing its propensities, willfully suffers it to go at large, or keeps it without ordinary care, and the animal, while so at large, or while not kept with ordinary care, attacks, bites or maims a human being who has taken all the precautions which the circumstances permitted, or which a reasonable person would ordinarily take in the same situation, shall be fined not more than $500 or imprisoned in jail not more than one year, or both. § 238. Offenses regarding diseased animals generally Whoever, being the owner or having the custody of any cattle, horses, mules or asses infected with a contagious disease: (1) fails to report the same immediately to the health authorities; (2) conceals or attempts to conceal the existence of the disease; (3) willfully obstructs or resists the health authorities in the discharge of their duty as provided by law; or (4) sells, gives away or uses the meat or milk, or removes the skin or any part of the animal— shall be fined not more than $300 or imprisoned in jail not more than one year, or both. § 239. Sale, use, exposure, or refusal to destroy diseased animal Whoever: (1) knowingly sells, offers for sale, uses, or exposes, or causes or procures to be sold, offered for sale, used, or exposed, a horse, mule, or other animal having the disease known as glanders, or other infectious or contagious disease; or (2) being the owner or having charge of such a diseased animal, omits or refuses, upon discovery or knowledge of its condition, to deprive it of its life— shall be fined not more than $100 or imprisoned in jail not more than 30 days, or both. § 240. Bringing in animals and violating quarantine Whoever, having brought into the Canal Zone cattle, horses, mules, or asses after the Governor has made proclamation holding such animals in quarantine for the purpose of inspection for infectious or contagious diseases: (1) allows any of them to leave the place of their first arrival in the Canal Zone before they have been examined by the health department and a certificate has been obtained therefrom that the animals are free from disease; or (2) permits any of them to run at large, to be removed, or to escape, before the certificate has been received— shall be fined not more than $500. § 241. Receiving or transporting animal in violation of quarantine Whoever, after the publication of a proclamation as provided by section 240 of this title, knowingly receives or transports within the limits of the Canal Zone an animal mentioned in that section before the certificate mentioned therein has been given, shall be fined not more than $2,000.